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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
Russian FederationM Kirilenko647--
PolandA Radwanska165--

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Maria Kirilenko

Nationality RUS
Date of Birth 25/01/1987
Height 1.74 m
Weight 60 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.72 m
Weight 56 kg

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  1. Boooohahahahaha! Phatetic Loser! Hahahaha! What u r on­ all the times about ugly duck? U ugly p*rick! I know u­ r hungry poor english tramp :) Such nothing empty­ phatetic LOSER!

    From Krzysztof, on Thu 14 Mar 9:45
  2. Agree Tedi, nice comment and understandable.... at­ least some sense being made rather that bitter­ emotional comments covering up the weaknesses of the­ players they support.

    From John, on Wed 13 Mar 11:14
  3. @ JOLA, ur such a bitter frustrated fan of UGLY duck­ radwazka? the sense is , the organizers dumped the­ UGLY duck in a smaller court, because tickets were­ not sold and she is not talented compared to williams,­ azarenka, sharapova, etc, where ever court does player­ place if she deserves , she will win. In this kind of ­ big tournaments it is difficult for Ugly duck to win,­ maybe lower tournament where williams, sharapova,­ azarenka, not there....i doubt if she will succeed in­ her career, Ugly duck will maintain her top 4 ranking­ by participating smaller or lower tournaments ,just to­ earn more titles, remember jankovic, wozniacki,..they­ are almost the same. dnt be a bitter JOLA ok.

    From Athletic, on Wed 13 Mar 4:53
  4. From John, on Wed 13 Mar 3:06... predicted. Good win in­ the end for the Russian..... top 4 player, hmmm ­ ================================= not strange how­ Radwanska (and Wozniacki) has occupied that high a­ rank.......or even reached 2 and 1 respectively with­ their games - very, very consistent and­ "even-tempered" ......but with no outstanding­ weapons . but then it is also largely from the­ inconsistency of many players outside of the Majors­ holders, and also the relatively numerous times that­ the Majors Holders either were out from injuries or­ some kind of setback. while radwanska and wozniacki­ or any player can certainly be credited for Consistency­ and "being available" to rack up points when­ the big Game Players are not playing so well , it­ also exposes a definited weakness in the rankings­ system of WTA . it tends to reward as "best­ player" by high ranking - through consistency but­ not really about having the BEST game in town and­ winning the Majors ....or winning titles WITH the­ Majors Players in attendance. Radwanska and­ Caroline are more like the "best of the second­ tier" type players ...who can take down the Big­ Game Players if they are being less than their best.­ but she and caroline really can't be considered­ "ELITE" Big Time Players. .......yet. if­ ever.

    From tedi ., on Wed 13 Mar 3:56
  5. ... predicted. Good win in the end for the Russian.....­ top 4 player, hmmm

    From John, on Wed 13 Mar 3:06
  6. wow -- that is a bit surprising ...Kirilinko pulled­ through despite being broken as she was about to serve­ for the match -- to become 5-5 instead of from 5-3­ on her serve...but she recovered to pull it out against­ Radwanska that many consider very steady and­ "crafty". it has to count as a good win­ for Kirilenko.

    From tedi ., on Wed 13 Mar 1:53
  7. i second Maria's comment. Although I am not so­ familiar with kirilenko , i recall her playing having­ seen her a few times on tv. I find her tennis very­ interesting. she almost reminds me of long ago­ russian - Anna Kournikova , who never won a single­ title, but was absolutely talented . Kirilenko­ doesn't QUITE have Kournikova's superb­ all-around game ,and FEW today among the newer players­ below 25 have as beautiful an athleticism , or those­ volleyes and first serve as Anna Kournikova. But­ Kirlinko reminds me somewhat of Anna K. too bad­ Kournikova was so sidelined by her celebrity back then­ and never translated her talent into winning even a­ single title.

    From tedi ., on Wed 13 Mar 1:31
  8. Would like to see Maria win this one!!! I like the way­ she plays!!!!

    From Margaret, on Wed 13 Mar 1:14
  9. Hmmm, not sure if they are stupid Jola as they really­ leave the central courts for the good players.....

    From John, on Tue 12 Mar 20:45
  10. The organisers are clearly stupid, they put this match­ on court 3, Agnieszka definitely deserves to play on­ central court

    From Jola, on Tue 12 Mar 17:25
  11. .... will probabbly get through ok here. Last match in­ this tournament though ;o)

    From John, on Tue 12 Mar 14:19
  12. Good luck Agniezska! it my favouritos!

    From Daniel, on Tue 12 Mar 13:37
  13. Congrats for last match Agnieszka, this Romanian girl­ is good! Now will be more difficult, we all keep our­ fingers crossed! C'mon Agnieszka!

    From Krzysztof, on Mon 11 Mar 10:01
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