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Kevin Anderson - David Ferrer Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
RSAK Anderson366--
SpainD Ferrer643--

Live Comments

  1. - - That's a great win for Anderson, who is ranked 33 places below Ferrer and lost their only previous meeting (at last year's US Open) in straight sets. As we mentioned before, in the third round Anderson will face Jarkko Nieminen, a great opportunity for both unseeded players. Men's drawsheet

  2. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 3-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Ferrer hits a relatively comfortable backhand into the net to hand Anderson two match points. The South African puts his first serve into the net, only about half way up in fact, but his second serve is solid enough and although Ferrer is inside the baseline when he hits his return, he can only put the ball into the net to concede the match

  3. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 3-5 - A change-of-direction, inside-out forehand winner from Ferrer gets the crowd going and also brings up two game points for the Spaniard to at least force Anderson to serve it out. The first goes begging with a forehand into the net but he does hold at the second attempt when Anderson hits long. A real test for the South African's nerve now...

  4. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 2-5 - Anderson holds without too much trouble, coming up with a series of huge serves, the last of which Ferrer can only hit into the net, to leave the Spaniard serving to stay in this match after the change of ends

  5. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 2-4 - BREAK! Anderson is now potentially just two games away from upseting world number four Ferrer as he breaks with another dipping backhand that the Spaniard can again not pick up off the floor and get over the net on the half-volley

  6. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 2-3 - Anderson earns himself two game points with an ace and, although the first goes begging with a forehand return of serve winner from Ferrer, the South African does take advantage of the second with a change-of-direction forehand winner down the line

  7. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 2-2 - Ferrer is quick to slam the door on any hopes Anderson might have had at going a break up as he races through a much more solid service hold, the South African failing to real get a hold of any of his returns

  8. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 1-2 - Anderson does well to work Ferrer around the baseline and force the error from the Spaniard, this time a forehand into the net. The South African is ahead, albeit only on serve, for the first time since 2-1 in the first set

  9. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 1-1 - BREAK! Ouch! Ferrer sends a forehand well long to concede his early break in this third set. That was sloppy from the Spaniard and Anderson is right back in this match now

  10. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 1-0 - BREAK! Ferrer bounces back to the chair with a clenched fist as he breaks for the opening game of the third set. A solid game from the Spaniard results in Anderson going for too much on a forehand down the centre of the court and sending the ball whizzing long

  11. - - FERRER 6-3 4-6 - SET ! Anderson earns himself a set point to level this match with a great dipping backhand that Ferrer can't pick up off his shoelaces and get the ball back over the net on the half-volley. And the South African does level the match with a yell when Ferrer again hits into the net. This match is going to a third

  12. - - FERRER 6-3 4-5 - Anderson denies Ferrer on a first break point with a solid foray into the net, pushing the Spaniard deep enough that the only option open to him is an ill-advised backhand down the line that predictable goes wide. And, credit to the South African, he goes on to hold when Ferrer puts a regulation forehand long down the centre of the court. The Spaniard will have to serve to stay in this second set after the change of ends

  13. - - FERRER 6-3 4-4 - Ferrer holds once again with a forehand winner as this set, and probably even the match, reaches crunch point late in the second set

  14. - - FERRER 6-3 3-4 - Another straightforward service game from Anderson as he holds with Ferrer leaps all over a forehand return and sends the ball sailing long of the baseline

  15. - - FERRER 6-3 3-3 - Ferrer quickly levels up once again. He has the look of a man content to bide his time at the moment, just sticking with Anderson but not pushing too hard against serve to secure the mid-set break. Look for that to change in the next three or so game though!

  16. - - FERRER 6-3 2-3 - Ferrer is pretty sure he has missed a forehand long down the centre of the court but challenges nonetheless. He clearly is not confident in the challenge, however, as he is already on his way back to the chair and leans on the net as he awaits the result. Sure enough he missed the line by a good couple of inches and Anderson has another hold to his name

  17. - - FERRER 6-3 2-2 - Ferrer races through another quick service hold, sealing it with an ace down the centre of the court, to sling all the pressure back on to Anderson

  18. - - FERRER 6-3 1-2 - This match will be a tale of missed opportunities for Anderson, who is once again playing well enough to cause Ferrer real problems. But the dip in form in the middle of the first set could well prove enough to cost him badly as Ferrer seemed to get his anger under control late in this latest game

  19. - - FERRER 6-3 1-1 - Ferrer puts all his anger in to a quick and easy service hold to peg Anderson back early in this second set

  20. - - FERRER 6-3 0-1 - Ferrer is not at all happy with a call that went against him and goes up to the umpires chair to remonstrate. Anderson ignores it all and hold with a minimum of fuss but Ferrer is not done yet and again has a pop at the umpire during the change of ends. It was a pretty borderline call, to be honest, certainly nothing for Ferrer to be getting this worked up about when he is already a set to the good

  21. - - FERRER 6-3 - SET! Anderson dumps a forehand into the very bottom of the net to hand Ferrer a set point. And the Spaniard emphatically takes the chance, serving out with an ace.

  22. - - FERRER 5-3 - Anderson races through a love service hold to stop the run of games against him but Ferrer will serve for the opening set next.

  23. - - FERRER 5-2 - Anderson briefly re-discovers some of the form he showed in the first three games as he denies Ferrer on a first game point with a blistering inside-out forehand winner across court. And the Spaniard squanders his second game point with a forehand into the net. But Anderson cannot fashion a break point and Ferrer goes on to hold

  24. - - FERRER 4-2 - BREAK! Ferrer threads a backhand passing shot winner straight down the line to bring up another two break points. The first goes begging when the Spaniard sends an off-balance backhand well wide across court but he does get it at the second attempt when Anderson fails to land a backhand of his own. It's all gone very wrong very quickly for the South African

  25. - - FERRER 3-2 - Anderson lets Ferrer off the hook, despite having the Spaniard firmly on the run, when he puts a comparatively straight forward forehand wide down the line at deuce. And Ferrer goes on to hold on the very next point to get things back on track and on serve

  26. - - FERRER 2-2 - Anderson goes for just a touch too much with a cross court forehand, sending the ball just wide into the tramlines, and handing Ferrer three immediate break back points. And the Spaniard does break back, Anderson dumping a forehand into the net. Poor from Anderson after a scintilating opening three games

  27. - - FERRER 1-2 - BREAK! Anderson is clearly fancying his chances in Indian Wells today. He has been by far the faster starter out on court, and has an early break to his name after a solid backhand return down the line that Ferrer cannot return in play

  28. - - FERRER 1-1 - Anderson does post a love service game, however, to get his account of the mark. That was pretty confident from the tall South African, who is playing with one long-sleeve by the way on his right, playing arm

  29. - - FERRER 1-0 - Ferrer looks to be cruising towards a very comfortable opening service hold to love only to throw in a couple of poor points and allow Anderson back to 40-30. But the South African goes wide with a forehand down the line and Ferrer is off the mark

Kevin Anderson

Nationality RSA
Date of Birth 18/05/1986
Height 2 m
Weight 88 kg

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

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