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Serena Williams - Dominika Cibulková Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams266--
SlovakiaD Cibulková642--

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Dominika Cibulková

Nationality SVK
Date of Birth 06/05/1989
Height 1.61 m
Weight 55 kg

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  1. Welcoming to all men and women the Biological passport­ - will be a great idea for the sport......

    From John, on Tue 26 Mar 7:04
  2. Unlucky Dominika.....

    From John, on Tue 26 Mar 4:03
  3. Well done Serena......! A poke in the eye to those who­ dislike you.......I adore you! For those opposed to­ Serena and her achievements - you can always switch­ off........novel idea, don't you think! ­ Interesting how much of a following she has - likers­ and otherwise - seemingly can't get enough!

    From Rodian, on Mon 25 Mar 21:15
  4. Sam Parikh a.k.a Don

    From Bempah A, on Mon 25 Mar 20:21
  5. Sam Parikh is so stupid. I don't think this chap is­ a real human. He or she might be a zombie programmed­ somewhere. This chap has forgotten that the year has­ still began and only one slam has been played yet this­ chap can't t reconcile herself or himself that­ Serena hasn't won any slam yet.

    From Bempah A, on Mon 25 Mar 20:19
  6. Regretably, Don has also Don the colors of Sam Parikh­ or whatever.

    From Bempah A, on Mon 25 Mar 20:04
  7. 2Why don't you tennis admirers sit back and enjoy­ the matches? You pour scorns on these hard working bevy­ of ladies.Even the baboon entertains and we love his­ tricks.But some would compare successful humans to­ him.What a compliment!These girls respect and speak­ well of one another.I wonder what these pitiable­ persons do for a living.I can wager a bet that they are­ struggling in whatever they do hence their pathetic­ comments.Responsible individuals don;t exhibit such­ ignoble traits. Especially exhibiting their hatred and­ ignorance in public.

    From Aghogho, on Mon 25 Mar 19:29
  8. Serena sometimes plays to the level of her competition.

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 25 Mar 19:21
  9. Excuses excuses. Don must be Sam. Yes I am sure of­ that. Small name, small brain, small xxx.

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 25 Mar 19:20
  10. Don, too bad you are neither. might not even belong in­ the animal kingdom.

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 25 Mar 19:19
  11. Biological passports please ,as soon as possible to get­ this PED user- the lance of tennis ,we going to­ celebrate it after Tennis officials 'll be able­ finally to do it.

    From Don, on Mon 25 Mar 19:18
  12. Never count Serena out. Right Sam?

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 25 Mar 19:18
  13. a man vs short little girl we hope this girl can win­ and beat sh..t out of beast.

    From Don, on Mon 25 Mar 19:10
  14. Ah Don!!!!!!! Go indoors and call your mother what you­ like. no one here wants to hear it!!!!!!!!!!

    From SANCHEZ, on Mon 25 Mar 19:07
  15. Its interestn wen d stars of d game come fr behind to­ win a match well dats wat I wud luv Serena to do today­ its nt over till its over go girls lots of luv n kisses­ to both players let d best man win

    From Beny Brendan, on Mon 25 Mar 19:05
  16. Ugly baboooon in troubles

    From Don, on Mon 25 Mar 19:03
  17. See how Sam dissappeared when Serena started her­ comeback. He posted his message making excuses then­ left. What a man or woman?

    From Great Eddie, on Mon 25 Mar 18:59
  18. Its gd 4 fans to cheer up their players n speak of all­ athletes dats d spirit of sportsmanship go Serena mk ur­ fans proud I luv u in good tyms n rough tyms ur ma no 1­ player come rain or shine go Cibul gv us a fight I luv­ it wen u guys fight to win goodluck to both girls

    From Beny Brendan, on Mon 25 Mar 18:59
  19. Serena is back. what an athlete.

    From Guy, on Mon 25 Mar 18:36
  20. She only want to put on a show,she knew she was going­ to win it!Cib had her chances...

    From Maria, on Mon 25 Mar 18:36
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