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David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

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  1. Jane you are a piece of work, as my granny used to­ say," if you have nothing constructive to say,­ keep your trap shut". Andy is a winner, and allow­ those who appreciate him, enjoy it.

    From FRANK, on Mon 1 Apr 15:56
  2. Hi Dee, Womndered where you were yesterday; I needed­ you to help me out when they were writing Andy off!

    From PAULINE SMITH, on Mon 1 Apr 8:48
  3. Well done Andy! Nail biting stuff. That humidity was a­ killer

    From Dee G, on Mon 1 Apr 2:06
  4. And to all you lot who wrote off Murray as lazy, inept­ and such rubbish when he was 5-0 down, happy suck eggs­ Easter to you too. Superb battle and a sign of a true­ champ who can dig deep when it is a tough day at the­ office. Nail-biting stuff.

    From baobabjim, on Sun 31 Mar 23:13
  5. Well done Andy, but you will need to sort your serve­ out before Wimbledon. I think Ferrer would have been­ No4 if he had beaten Andy to-night. I think, as runner­ up, he remains No5 behind Nadal.

    From Serge, on Sun 31 Mar 22:33
  6. Well done Murray but still dont like the man

    From Keith J, on Sun 31 Mar 22:14
  7. What a cliff-hanger, I'm exhausted just watching­ it. Brilliant stuff from both players. Both are­ winners. Welcome to the new No2 and No4!

    From George, on Sun 31 Mar 21:33
  8. Thank you again, Michael. Its nice to be appreciated. ­ Im a lifelong tennis fan and I've supported Andy­ since he was 15 and it has not been easy! See you in­ Monte Carlo!

    From PAULINE SMITH, on Sun 31 Mar 20:45
  9. As I said before it's Goldie.

    From EDDIE, on Sun 31 Mar 20:42
  10. Good work Muzza. Number one is possible

    From Daph K, on Sun 31 Mar 20:21
  11. Great match and both players deserved to win but well­ done Murray. Lots of Union Jacks around Crandon Park­ for the final so I guess there must be a lot of Brit­ haters from some of the posts here. Shame on you!

    From Brucie, on Sun 31 Mar 20:17
  12. well done

    From deb, on Sun 31 Mar 20:10
  13. Jane @ 206. You are the vile one dearie !!

    From Alan, on Sun 31 Mar 20:03
  14. Told you so ;D

    From anganette, on Sun 31 Mar 20:00
  15. What a slugfest....I can't believe Andy won­ that...then Ferrer getting cramps...World number 2 and­ well done Andy....World number 4 well done Ferrer.

    From Jason, on Sun 31 Mar 19:43
  16. Richard, why do you have to bring up about the Whoever­ is playing England Andy supports, this is old news and­ Andy explained the reason he made that statement and­ also apologised so lets forget it eh, you should be­ proud of what Andy has achieved and support him instead­ of trying to bring him down, anyway he will be on top­ of the world right now so he wont even be bothered­ about your comment, so leave it out and cheer him on or­ is that beneath you, shows what type of person you are­ and your true colours. Well done Andy, Love Jelly xxx

    From Stefan, on Sun 31 Mar 19:43
  17. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The only person who used gamesmanship was drama queen­ Andy Murray - wasting time changing his wrist bands in­ the middle of a game, trying to put off David. David­ was obviously suffering badly with cramp or a pulled­ muscle. Murray could easily have asked for treatment,­ but he obviously didnt.

    From Diana, on Sun 31 Mar 19:42
  18. Well done Andy, knew you could do it, but you will have­ to be sharper next tournament, build on this and work­ harder, treat yourself to an orange juice and we will­ toast you with something a bit stronger. Great stuff, ­ you showed all those disbelievers, Love Jelly xxx

    From Stefan, on Sun 31 Mar 19:38
  19. As someone else mentioned, his name is Andy Murray, not­ Muzza !!!!!!!

    From Lizzy, on Sun 31 Mar 19:38
  20. It has been a hard road but the boy Andy has become a­ man!

    From Bobby Dazzler, on Sun 31 Mar 19:37
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