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David Ferrer - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainD Ferrer676--
FranceJ Tsonga162--

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  1. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH! A Ferrer is finally through to his first Grand Slam final at 31 years of age! Tsonga sends a forehand long once again and it is Ferrer through to face compatriot Nadal in Sunday's final.

  2. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 5-2 AD-40 - Tsonga looks to be on his way to a love service hold to force Ferrer to serve out the match but instead the he allows the Spaniard to level at deuce with a forehand long down the centre of the court. Deuce quickly becomes MATCH POINT to Ferrer when he rattles a backhand passing shot winner down the line ...

  3. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 5-2 - Ferrer just wears Tsonga down again, the Frenchman putting up a low attempt at a lob or a high attempt at a passing shot and allowing Ferrer an easy forehand volley winner to go 40-30 up. A forehand into the net from the Spaniard hints at the nerves he must be feeling now. But the wind gets up mid-rally and takes the ball away from Tsonga, a routine forehand becoming something very tricky and Ferrer has the hold. Tsonga will have to serve to stay in the match.

  4. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 4-2 - Tsonga completely forgets to show the new balls until Ferrer reminds him just before the second point. It's a nicety and a traditional thing but it demonstrates just how Tsonga is not in this match mentally. He goes 30-15 ahead with a forehand winner curled across court before allowing Ferrer to level. But he hangs on and holds with another forehand winner to keep the deficit down to the single break.

  5. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 4-1 - Ferrer holds when yet another Tsonga fails to find the court with yet another return of serve. And the Spaniard now is potentially just two games away from his first ever Grand Slam final.

  6. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 3-1 - BREAK! The touch just isn't there for Tsonga as his forehand stop volley sits up and allows Ferrer to batter it away for a backhand passing shot winner across court. It brings up two break points. The first is saved by Tsonga and then the second with a big serve and then another forehand winner down the centre of the court. He gets a third chance then with a brilliant forehand return winner across court and this time he breaks when Tsonga nets a forehand down the line.

  7. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 2-1 - Ferrer continues to grind away as he holds once more despite a sensational forehand passing shot winner angled across court from Tsonga. But the Frenchman struggles to find the court with another couple of forehands and Ferrer sneaks ahead again.

  8. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 1-1 - Tsonga gives himself a good talking to on the basline after hitting into the net. He then also gives one of the ball kids a talking too after a forehand long but somehow the Frenchman holds with an ace and then a Ferrer backhand wide down the line. The gets Tsonga off the mark in this third set, holding from deuce.

  9. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) 1-0 - A Ferrer serve is called out but umpire Keothavong comes down to check the mark and overrule the call as the ball actually caught the line. The point is replayed and this time Tsonga sends a forehand long down the line centre of the court. And Ferrer holds for the opening game of this third set when Tsonga again fails to find the court.

  10. - - Tsonga has twice in his career come back from two sets to love down to win - in the Australian Open first round in 2011 against Philipp Petzschner and then at Wimbledon in that same year against Roger Federer.

  11. - - FERRER 6-1 7-6(3) - SET! Another forehand error from Tsonga hands Ferrer five set points. The first is saved by Tsonga with a great first sevre that Ferrer can only net, while the second goes begging with a backhand long down the line from the Spaniard. But Ferrer does wrap up the set at the third time of asking when Tsonga again hits long.

  12. - - FERRER 6-1 6-6 (5-1) - TIE-BREAK! There's no sun left on the court but it is coming through the glass at the top of the court and straight into Tsonga's eyes as he sends consecutive forehands long and a forehand into the net to help Ferrer to a quick 4-0 lead. The Frenchman finally gets on the scoreboard with a netted forehand from Ferrer but another forehand long from him on the next point hands Ferrer a 5-1 lead at the change of ends.

  13. - - FERRER 6-1 6-6 - Sure enough it will be a tie-break as Ferrer holds to love once again. They have only played one tie-break before with Tsonga winning it easily 7-1 to win their match at Wimbledon a couple of years ago.

  14. - - FERRER 6-1 5-6 - Ferrer brings up a fourth chance to break with a flicked backhand passing shot across court on the angle off a decent volley from Tsonga. The Frenchman saves it yet again, this time with an inside-out forehand winner across court before bring up a game point with a forehand winner down the line. And finally Tsonga wraps up the game when Ferrer can't make up his mind on which shot to play and nets a forehand volley. He will serve to force the breaker after the change of ends.

  15. - - FERRER 6-1 5-5 40-40 - Tsonga fails to deal with a forehand onto the baseline from Ferrer and it's break point to the Spaniard. Tsonga saves it with an ace before Ferrer fashions himself another chance with a great passing shot winner. Tsonga again saves it with a great serve, not an ace but one Ferrer returns long, but the Spaniard has a third chance after a forehand return winner. This time the Frenchman saves it with a backhand volley and forehand passing shot attempt which Ferrer nets.

  16. - - FERRER 6-1 5-5 - A sensational backhand passing shot winner down the line from Tsonga at full stretch sees him sneak 15-30 ahead on Ferrer's serve. He lets the Spaniard back in with a forehand long down the centre of the court but brings up set point with a jumping cross court forehand winner. Again a forehand goes long to squander it and the Spaniard goes on to hold and level up this second set.

  17. - - FERRER 6-1 4-5 - Ferrer denies Tsonga a hold to love when he finds a low forehand volley winner across court after pushing the Frenchman wide on the opposite wing. But the sixth seed holds at the second attempt when Ferrer nets another forehand. Ferrer will have to serve to stay in this second set after the change of ends.

  18. - - FERRER 6-1 4-4 - BREAK! Tsonga quickly earns himself three break back points with a sublime forehand winner. The first goes astray when he is not proactive enough on a forehand return, putting it right into Ferrer's hitting zone. But the Frenchman does break back at the second attempt when Ferrer nets a forehand after running round the ball. We are back on serve in this second set.

  19. - - FERRER 6-1 4-3 - BREAK! Tsonga goes just wide down the line with a forehand, after running round the ball, to gift Ferrer another two break points. The first goes begging for the Spaniard when he fails to find the court with a backhand of his ownMeanwhile, Tsonga saves the second with a great inside-out forehand winner across court, despite a dodgy bounce. He can't quite get his half-volley up at deuce and Ferrer has a third chance. And a double fault this time from Tsonga hands Ferrer the break

  20. - - FERRER 6-1 3-3 - Tsonga has just completely disappeared from this match once again as Ferrer races through another comfortable service hold to fully get this second set back on track. A big first serve that Tsonga cannot return in play seals the game for the Spaniard.

  21. - - FERRER 6-1 2-3 - BREAK! A couple of bad bounces undo Tsonga, the latter resulting in a looped forehand long froom the Frenchman. It hands Ferrer a break back point and Tsonga flings his racquet to the ground in disgust. A forehand just marginally long from Tsonga hands the game to Ferrer, although umpire James Keothavong has to come down and check the mark and still the Frenchman is unsure, going to check it himself and then arguing with Keothavong.

  22. - - FERRER 6-1 1-3 - Ferrer responds with a much better service hold to get his second set account belatedly underway. The Spaniard will fight and fight and fight all afternoon and Tsonga will have to just deal with that.

  23. - - FERRER 6-1 0-3 - Great response from Tsonga to that first set as he holds to consolidate the early break in this second set. The Frenchman is playing up on the baseline, not metres behind it, and is bossing play now, like he did against Federer in the quarter-finals.

  24. - - FERRER 6-1 0-2 - BREAK! Much better from Tsonga now as he finds a forehand winner down the line and then another down the opposite line after running round the ball to go 0-30 up against the Ferrer serve. The Spaniard then goes long down the centre of the court to hand Tsonga three break points. But he only needs the one, battering the Ferrer forehand across court before thumping a change-of-direction forehand winner down the line. Tsonga has arrived in this match.

  25. - - FERRER 6-1 0-1 - Tsonga takes the first two points of the set, before an off-balanca backhand into the net allows Ferrer into the game. But the Frenchman goes on to hold this time with a forehand smash winner down the line.

  26. - - FERRER 6-1 - SET! A forehand long of the baseline from Tsonga, who is now trying to play more on the baseline, hands Ferrer another two set points. And this time the Spaniard only needs the one as his backhand skids off the very back of the line and prompts a backhand into the net from Tsonga.

  27. - - FERRER 5-1 - Tsonga hits already his 12th unforced error to hand Ferrer two set points. The Frenchman saves the first with a big serve and the second with a forehand winner. He then brings up a game point with another forehand winner before a backhand winner down the line finally sees him get on the scoreboard. Tsonga salvages the bagel at least but Ferrer will serve for the opening set next.

  28. - - FERRER 5-0 - Something for the crowd to get excited about as Tsonga follows a backhand across court with a backhand winner down the line to level at 30-30. And Ferrer goes long with a cross court backhand to allow Tsonga to level at deuce. Deuce quickly becomes a break back point when Ferrer nets a backhand. Tsonga is unable to take advantage of it with a forehand long and a slip on the baseline from the Frenchman hands Ferrer a game point. He holds with a forehand winner off a drop shot.

  29. - - FERRER 4-0 - BREAK! A Tsonga backhand lob, off a vicious forehand approach shot from Ferrer, drifts just marginally long to allow the Spaniard to level at 30-30. Ferrer then lands an inside out backhand smack on the outside of the line to bring up another break point. And another break is exactly what Ferrer has when Tsonga mis-times his cross court forehand and hits wide, clearly thinking he had done enough with the previous shot, which Ferrer somehow found a way to return.

  30. - - FERRER 3-0 - Ferrer holds to 15 to consolidate the early break and the crowd, many of whom have not returned from their break after that first semi-final, have become a little subdued after a slow start from their man Tsonga.

  31. 17:27 - Alternatively why not come say hi on Twitter @pippawdavis.

  32. 17:26 - Don't forget you can watch this match LIVE in HD on British Eurosport or, if you don't have access to a TV, it is also LIVE in full on the Eurosport Player.

  33. - - FERRER 2-0 - BREAK! Tsonga works Ferrer around the baseline, eventually drawing the error from the Frenchman to go 30-0 up. But consecutive errors, first on the forehand wing and then a backhand long, allows Ferrer to level at 30-30. Ferrer gets a little lucky with a net cord to level at deuce when his backhand goes for a drop shot winner. A forehand long from Tsonga then hands him a break point before he concedes his serve with a backhand long down the line.

  34. - - FERRER 1-0 - Ferrer quickly finds himself 0-30 down before levelling at 30-30 when Tsonga slaps a forehand just long and then the Spaniard finds an ace. A brilliantly sliced backhand drop shot winner from Ferrer brings up game point although he sends a forehand long to allow Tsonga to level at deuce. But the Spaniard goes on to hold at the second time of asking and get his match underway in a positive manner.

  35. 17:16 - The players are just about ready to go now and it will be Ferrer to get the clash underway by serving first ...

  36. 17:15 - Tsonga has never made a clay-court final in his career while Ferrer has won 20 titles, half of them on the red dirt.

  37. 17:13 - These two have met each other three times before with Ferrer leading the head-to-heads by two wins to one. They have faced each other once on each surface. Ferrer won their first meeting on the clay in Rome 2010, Tsonga won the second on the grass of Wimbledon in 2011 and then Ferrer won on the hard courts of Paris last year.

  38. 17:13 - Tsonga promised the same approach in the semi-finals."Once you back down in a rally, he never lets you free," Tsonga said of Ferrer, who he trails 2-1 in career meetings. He fights. He never gives up. He runs a lot. He's extremely fast. He has a lot of endurance. But I feel I'm able to beat him because I believe I have the weapons for that. I hit harder than he does."

  39. 17:12 - There has been plenty of passion whipped up by Tsonga who is flying the flag for France with the kind of gung-ho tennis that on its day is capable of overwhelming anyone - even Federer.

  40. 17:12 - Fourth seed Ferrer, who like Tsonga is yet to drop a set here so far, will relish the role of party-pooper as he seeks to reach a first grand slam final.

  41. 17:09 - Sixth seed Tsonga, who clinically dispatched Roger Federer in straight sets in the quarter-finals, faces his day of reckoning as he attempts to become the first Frenchman to reach the singles final at Roland Garros since Henri Leconte in 1988.

  42. 17:05 - This match is for the right to face defending champion Rafael Nadal in Sunday's final. The Spaniard has just overcome world number one Novak Djokovic 6-4 3-6 6-1 6-7(3) 9-7 in an epic first semi-final. Can this one live up to that?

  43. 17:02 - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the second of the men's French Open semi-finals between Spanish fourth seed David Ferrer and home favourite sixth seed Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Nationality FRA
Date of Birth 17/04/1985
Height 1.88 m
Weight 91 kg

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