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United StatesS Williams607--
SpainA Medina365--

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Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Anabel Medina

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 31/07/1982
Height 1.69 m
Weight 59 kg

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  1. Hate or love her...she's got the most comments,­ ....Serena, you attract audiences, even those who loath­ you. But i guess it would be uncool if everyone loved­ her...she is no godess, she is just human and she works­ really hard! Glad you won

    From ann patricia, on Fri 10 May 20:26
  2. True chumpion she is....

    From John, on Fri 10 May 13:27
  3. Anyway she is ranked 63!

    From Krzysztof, on Fri 10 May 13:18
  4. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Clear Set Up! More blood test!

    From Krzysztof, on Fri 10 May 13:17
  5. ms williams biggest fan here, glad she won after­ that!!!!!! what the heck, as for the shazza, serena,­ everyone's got their fav so to y'all lets just­ watch tennis and enjoy,its not a beauty, or race­ contest.if it was, ivanovic will be crowned queen,but­ again thats just me

    From mo, on Fri 10 May 13:00
  6. Serena showing her fighting spirit again to shutdown­ the haters..

    From UKSOUL-RENA'S ARMY, on Fri 10 May 12:57
  7. Serena is the champion

    From feyisayo, on Fri 10 May 12:44
  8. Serena got bagled?The hell.

    From Marko, on Fri 10 May 12:31
  9. A champ always comes out on top!! Gosh Serena scared me­ there for a minute!!!

    From Saru-Lee, on Fri 10 May 12:26
  10. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Rank- 89, 47, 12 but she don't wnna play that day­ everybody saw :) next 63 at Quarterfinal! All is set­ up! More blood test please!

    From Krzysztof, on Fri 10 May 12:17
  11. at last she won happy for her.

    From isaac, on Fri 10 May 12:17
  12. Now that's a true champion.

    From steve, on Fri 10 May 12:16
  13. It's like watching the Serena of last year's­ French Open. Over 40 unforced errors D:

    From abi, on Fri 10 May 12:11
  14. Serena .......

    From deji, on Fri 10 May 12:05
  15. i wish serena all the best in this encounter. Its ­ becoming a tuff game for her but anyway she is­ experienced to navigate her way out to the next level.­ Cheer.

    From julius julius, on Fri 10 May 12:01
  16. GO GO MEDINA !! :D

    From Zg, on Fri 10 May 11:53
  17. Goodness Serena got a bagel - wow guess that would be­ making her mad - hopefully mad enough to wanna win­ this. Good luck Serena..........

    From Saru-Lee, on Fri 10 May 11:43
  18. Serena Williams will win, with her experience she has­ learn from the second set that is too much 6-0 well­ that show Anabel Medina is strong too.

    From isaac, on Fri 10 May 11:31
  19. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    It is certain that Serena will win this match!­ Hahahhah!

    From First, on Fri 10 May 11:23
  20. sadly serena is having one of her meltdowns at the­ moment. will she recover in the third set???? you just­ never know with serena. lololol

    From SANCHEZ, on Fri 10 May 11:08
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