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David Ferrer - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
SpainR Nadal646--
SpainD Ferrer462--

Live Comments

  1. - - So, six-times former champion Rafael Nadal is through to the last four where he will face sixth seed Tomas Berdych, who defeated Novak Djokovic earlier in the afternoon.

  2. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Ferrer runs round the ball and absolutely batters it up the line for the winner that denies Nadal on a first match point. But a length forehand approach shot from Nadal ends up being put in the net by Ferrer to hand the fifth seed another chance. And this time Nadal does book his place in the semi-finals when Ferrer's foerhand return goes long.

  3. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 5-2 - Never one to give up, Ferrer holds to 15 to at least force Nadal to serve out this match after the change of ends.

  4. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 5-1 - Nadal squanders a first game point with a forehand long and then also a second with a backhand just marginally wide after a 20-plus shot rally. And he hands Ferrer a break back point when he comes into the net and puts a backhand volley wide. But he saves it before going on to hold with a big serve out wide followed by a forehand winner down the opposite line. Ferrer will have to serve to stay in this match next.

  5. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 4-1 - BREAK! Nadal earns himself another break point with a whipped backhand winner across court after Ferrer had done absolutely everything right in his bid to stay in the point. And sure enough the fifth seed does break for a second time with another backhand winner across court, this time a volley.

  6. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 3-1 - An unorthodox forehand volley winner from Nadal sees him get out of a spot of bother at 15-30 down on serve before going on to hold and consolidate the break. Nadal is edging towards the semi-finals now.

  7. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 2-1 - BREAK! Nadal brings up a break point with a flicked backhand lob winner but Ferrer saves it with a just about good enough drop shot that Nadal can only return into the net. Another break point is saved by Ferrer with an angled cross court forehand winner. But Nadal does finally break at the third attempt and he has the initiative back now

  8. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 1-1 - Nadal also posts a service hold to open his third set account. It was far from comfortable for the fifth seed as he could only hold after Ferrer had pushed him to deuce.

  9. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 1-0 - Ferrer whips a forehand winner across court for a passing shot on his way to an opening hold in this final set.

  10. - - NADAL 6-4 4-6 - SET! Ferrer earns himself another set point and this time he does level the match, surviving a couple of Nadal smashes to rattle a backhand passing shto winner down the line. This match is going to a decisive third set!

  11. - - NADAL 6-4 4-5 - Ferrer wastes a first set point with a double fault before Nadal draws a backhand into the net from the fourth seed to earn himself a break back point. That break back point turns into a berak back when Ferrer again nets a backhand and we are back on serve in this second set. Nadal will still have to serve to stay in it though, after the change of ends.

  12. - - NADAL 6-4 3-5 - Ferrer just slips deep behind the baseline as he sets off to chase down a Nadal drop shot. It hands the fifth seed a game point, a chance he takes full advantage of to force Ferrer to serve out this second set.

  13. - - NADAL 6-4 2-5 - Great finish to the game from Ferrer as he races through a comfortable enough service hold to 30 to move a game closer to levelling this match. Nadal will have to serve to stay in this set after the change of ends.

  14. - - NADAL 6-4 2-4 - Nadal narrowly misses a forehand down the line to hand Ferrer two more break points. The fourth seed is unable to take advantage of either before Nadal earns himself a game point with a vicious forehand winner down the line. A drop shot seals the hold for Nadal when Ferrer can only put his backhand wide down the line despite doing brilliantly well to get up to it. The deficit is back down to just the one break.

  15. - - NADAL 6-4 1-4 - BREAK! Ferrer saves a first break point with a cross court forehand volley winner. But he hands Nadal one of the breaks back on the second with an inside out forehand wide across court.

  16. - - NADAL 6-4 0-4 - BREAK! Fantastic from Ferrer as he breaks for a second time in this second set. The Spaniard rushes in to the net to leap up to a high forehand volley, low smash and bury it in the open court across court.

  17. - - NADAL 6-4 0-3 - Ferrer holds to 15 to consolidate the break and put some daylight between Rafa in himself in the early stages of this second set. A decent serving performance from Ferrer in that game as Nadal fails to find court with his forehand return of serve, after he had run around the ball.

  18. - - NADAL 6-4 0-2 - BREAK! Nadal earns himself another time violation warning before Ferrer leaps all over a second serve and batters his forehand winner down the line to bring up a break point and this time he does break! The fourth seed does fantastically well with an aggressive forehand approach shot down the line before going back behind Nadal with his forehand volley.

  19. - - NADAL 6-4 0-1 - Not even Nadal can make it back across court for a final forehand volley from Ferrer, the fourth seed probably thinking he had won the point four or five times already! It saves a break point while another goes begging for Nadal when his forehand drops wide. And eventually the fourth seed goes on to hold with a stunning forehand winner landed right on the line.

  20. - - NADAL 6-4 - SET! That is the set for Rafa as he serves out to 30, sealing it when Ferrer cannot pull his forehand return of serve back into play from out wide.

  21. - - NADAL 5-4 - Ferrer holds to 15 with a very solid service hold to force Nadal to serve out the set if he can. It's just been that one poor game so far from Ferrer that he proven the difference between the two players. He has created chances on the Nadal serve but he's been unable to take them so far.

  22. - - NADAL 5-3 - Nadal continues to thwart Ferrer's attempts to get this set back on level terms, holding from deuce with a series of ferocious forehands that eventually draw the error from Ferrer. The fourth seed will have to serve to stay in this opening set after the change of ends.

  23. - - NADAL 4-3 - Ferrer is pretty furious with himself after missing an inside-out backhand across court that squanders a game point. Nadal then denies him on a second with a trip into the net and a backhand volley winner. And eventually Ferrer does hold when Nadal nets a backhand.

  24. - - NADAL 4-2 - Nadal squanders a first game point with a forehand wide down the line after seemingly having the point won against a scrambling Ferrer, deep behind the baseline. Another couple of game points also go begging before Ferrer earns himself a break back point with a great forehand that jams Nadal deep into the corner. Nadal saves it before squandering another game point with a double fault. Nadal saves another break point with a forehand winner and eventually does hold to cement the break

  25. - NADAL 3-2 - BREAK! Nadal's turn to earn himself a break point with a vicious injection of pace on an inside-out forehand across court that Ferrer can only return into the net. And unlike Ferrer in the previous game, Nadal is able to break when the fourth seed somewhat meekly dumps a forehand into the net.

  26. - - NADAL 2-2 - A first break point goes begging for Ferrer but he quickly earns himself a second chance with an off-forehand winner across court off the shorter ball. The ball skids off the tape which may well have kept it in, but the result is the same. Nadal saves it with a flicked dipping backhand across court that Ferrer can only volley wide and the fifth seed goes on to hold.

  27. - - NADAL 1-2 - A little leap of joy from Ferrer as he finds a sweet backhand winner to hold without any trouble once again and remain on the front foot in the early stages of this clash.

  28. - - NADAL 1-1 - Nadal also holds to get his side of the scoreboard ticking over. The world number five doesn't have the game all his own way as Ferrer pushes him to 30-30 but a cross court forehand winner, that beats Ferrer for pace, gets Nadal ahead and from there he holds.

  29. - - NADAL 0-1 - Nadal goes wide with a cross court backhand to help Ferrer to a game point. And sure enough the fourth seed does hold at the first attempt to get his match off to a winning start.

  30. - - The players are just about ready to go and it will be Ferrer to get the clash underway of he won the toss and opted to serve first...

  31. - - Ferrer had a day off yesterday of course, his quarter-final opponent Philipp Kohlschreiber withdrawing from the tournament with vertigo. Nadal on the other hand was pushed to three very tight sets by qualifier Ernests Gulbis. Could that have an affect on him? Why not come say hi on Twitter @pippawdavis.

  32. - - These two have faced each other a whopping 22 times with Rafa leading the head-to-heads overwhelmingly - he has 18 wins to his name compared to only four for Ferrer. Their most recent meeting came just last week when Ferrer was just two points away from victory before going down 4-6 7-6(3) 6-0.

  33. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the third Rome Masters semi-finals. This one is between six-times former champion Rafael Nadal and fourth seed David Ferrer.

David Ferrer

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 02/04/1982
Height 1.75 m
Weight 73 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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