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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United StatesS Williams66---
United KingdomL Robson22---

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  1. - - Next up for Serena will be either Melanie Oudin or Dominika Cibulkova.

  2. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 6-2 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Robson pulls herself back from 0-30 down with two great serves but Serena finds a forehand winner to bring up a first match point. And it's a shame for Robson that the match ends on a double fault but Serena is through to the third round in Rome.

  3. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 5-2 - Serena holds to leave herself potentially just one game away from a place in the third round. Robson will have to serve to stay in it, after the Brit nets a forehand to end the game to 15.

  4. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 4-2 - BREAK! A second serve is given the treatment by Serena and Robson quickly finds herself another two break points down. Robson saves the first with a decent serve and a forehand winner but a double fault on the second costs Robson dearly as Serena grabs what could be the decisive break.

  5. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 3-2 - Boom! Robson leaps inside the baseline to rattle a forehand return of serve winner down the line (off a second serve) to level at deuce before finding a cross court forehand winner (that beats Serena for pace) to earn herself a break point. Serena saves it with an ace but Robson gets herself a second chance with a forehand winner down the line. This time Serena saves it with some ferocious hitting that Robson cannot deal with and from there she goes on to hold.

  6. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-2 - Serena can't quite get a forehand drop shot over the net, instead dropping the ball a bit short, and then also sends a cross court forehand wide to help Robson on her way to another hold. The Brit seals the game with a big serve and a forehand winner to stay level.

  7. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 2-1 - Serena knows she is being pushed at the moment, despite being comfortable in the scoreline, and lets out a yell of "come on" after taking the first point of the game when Robson hits just wide. Robson does get one point, another vicious forehand just catching the very outside of the line after running round the ball and firing down the line. But it's a comfortable hold for Serena, for the loss of just that one point and she seals it with a cross court forehand that is too good

  8. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-1 - Fantastic save from Robson as she hauls herself back from two break points down, the second of which she saves with a great cross court forehand followed by a change-of-direction forehand winner down the line. Robson then goes on to hold with another forehand winner. Gutsy stuff from the 19-year-old.

  9. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 1-0 - Serena holds to open the second set but not before Robson has pushed her to 30-30 with a great forehand. The Brit then works Serena round the baseline and on to the back-foot before going for a forehand winner down the line only to pull the ball just wide. That could have brought up a break point for Robson but instead Serena goes on to hold.

  10. - - WILLIAMS 6-2 - SET! Serena gets down low to a couple of backhands, firing the first inside out across court before waiting for Robson to move across court and going back to exactly the same spot with a backhand winner. That brings up a couple of set points for Serena, who only needs the one as Robson comes into the net and fires a forehand volley long of the baseline.

  11. - - WILLIAMS 5-2 - Robson produces a fantastic forehand winner down the line for a point against the Serena serve but she steps inside the baseline only to pull a cross court forehand wide of the court to help the American hold to 15. Robson will have to serve to stay in this set after the change of ends.

  12. - - WILLIAMS 4-2 - Robson has interim coach Sven Groenefeld out on court during the change of ends, who amongst other things tells her her serve to the ad court has become too predictable. It seems to work though as Robson goes back out and holds to 15, finding her first ace in the process. That's Robson's first hold and will definately be a confidence boost.

  13. - - WILLIAMS 4-1 - Serena really worked through the gears in that game, holding to love to consolidate the break, finding her first ace in the process. Important service game coming up after the change of ends for Robson.

  14. - - WILLIAMS 3-1 - BREAK! Robson finds herself another break point down and although she manages to save it with a forehand winner, Serena brings up a second break point with a change-of-directions backhand winner down the line. Serena stops mid-point to challenge a call that doesn't come and when umpire Kerrilyn Cramer can't decide "out" or "in" the point is replayed. This time Serena definitely does secure the break, Robson netting a forehand.

  15. - - WILLIAMS 2-1 - Very effective play from Robson as she keeps the ball deep, pushing Serena back behind the baseline and drawing the error from the American (a forehand long) to bring up another break point. A wide serve from Serena saves it as Robson is again unable to control her forehand return and this time the world number one does go on to hold with a backhand winner across court and right on to the line.

  16. - - WILLIAMS 1-1 - BREAK! Serena leaps all over the serve of Robson and fashions herself a very quick break back opportunity. Robson's serve will be key today if she is to stand any chance of getting the win and although she lands a first serve on that break point, Serena's return is vicious, leaving Robson crouched down to retreive the ball and instead netting the forehand.

  17. - - WILLIAMS 0-1 - BREAK! Robson opens the match in a very positve manner, immediately earning herself two break points. They both go begging, one with a forehand long and the other when Robson can't quite control an agressive second serve return. But the Brit gets a second chance and this time she takes it when Serena nets a forehand.

  18. - - Robson absolutely loves these big occasion matches where she supposedly has no chance to win - as demonstrated at the US Open when she sent Kim Clijsters into retirement as well as beating Li Na (also at the US Open), Kvitova, Radwanska and Venus in the past six months. But do you think she has any chance against Serena. Why not come say hi on Twitter.

  19. - - Serena has won the spin of the coin and opted to serve first so it will be the world number one to get the clash underway.

  20. - - These two have never met before - not totally surprising given that Laura is only 19. But they will know plenty about each other - Serena because Robson beat Venus two days ago and Robson because, well, because Serena is the world number one!

  21. - - Serena is obviously also on a great run of form - as we already mentioned - having defended her Madrid Open title last week as well as winning in Charleston and Miami.

  22. - - Robson comes into this match off the back of a great win over Venus Williams, not to mention another very good win over Agnieszka Radwanska last week in Madrid. Less good was the way Robson blew a 5-2 lead in the final set against Ana Ivanovic in the second round in Madrid.

  23. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from Laura Robson's second round clash at the Rome Open. This one is against the world number one Serena Williams, currently on a 19-match winning streak.

Serena Williams

Nationality USA
Date of Birth 26/09/1981
Height 1.75 m
Weight 70 kg

Laura Robson

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 21/01/1994
Height 1.8 m
Weight 67 kg

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  1. you butt head sam and krzysztof go to hell in a peanut­ shell and when you get there hang your selves how many­ times have vika beaten serena? there is no one in the­ top ten of women tennis to test serena when healthy and­ for your argument about serena taking dope if you did­ not know they are all tested.if serena was dopling she­ would have been busted long time ago because she is so­ hated by trolls like you and others at the head of­ tennis.but she is going to keep on winning and getting­ richer and you will be hating and still poor serena is­ going to keep you talking untill you get a stroke ha ha­ ha !!

    From Kevin, on Wed 15 May 21:31
  2. Womens tennis is a mystery to me.Apart from Serena and­ Sharapova,can name so many women who have got to Number­ 1 or won majors in super style and then gone on­ indefinite periods of losing their games­ Safina,Jankovic,Ivanovic,Kvitkova,Kutzetsnova and­ Wozniaky to name a few.

    From hossein emami, on Tue 14 May 22:03
  3. congratulations baby girl you have done it again and i­ no you can do it again and again ?S ,W is a name love­ you

    From C,J, on Tue 14 May 21:43
  4. Sarah Jane you sound so happy, good to know you and­ your GF are going to the club

    From UKSOUL-RENA'S ARMY, on Tue 14 May 21:40
  5. sara-jane can u to55 my ducky lamb ???

    From thechristian, on Tue 14 May 21:38
  6. laura s day will never come , maybe to an end !!!!!

    From thechristian, on Tue 14 May 21:35
  7. oh dear Sarah're not happy..put your­ feet up and have a cup of tea..relax yourself!!

    From UKSOUL-RENA'S ARMY, on Tue 14 May 21:35
  8. Samdiv Parikh are showing you are the one that­ only really need to get back to Aunty

    From UKSOUL-RENA'S ARMY, on Tue 14 May 21:34
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Congrats to Serena just what we wanted! We want Serena­ to win now just so later she can get destroyed by Vika!­ And remember that smile of Serena after she won that­ was a fake smile! The violent Serena only knows how to­ hate! She does not know how to smile! And watch her­ hate after she loses to Vika again! And again and­ again! In every slam!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 14 May 21:30
  10. Laura, at least there were no donuts and that must have­ been a fantastic experience for you. Well done to you­ and congratulations to Serena.

    From John, on Tue 14 May 21:29
  11. Ha ha what about 12-4 !!!?????

    From thechristian, on Tue 14 May 21:29
  12. She ended the same way she ended with Ana Ivanovic a­ couple of days ago. But I must say comparatively Laura­ did well. She pushed Serena even though Serena won with­ ease compared to Sharapova last Sunday in which Serena­ didn't put any much effort.

    From Bempah A, on Tue 14 May 21:29
  13. 6 2 6 2 ,,Nice numbers and Laura did as well as­ expected.. Lesson for the haters.. Hate does not­ elevate.

    From UKSOUL-RENA'S ARMY, on Tue 14 May 21:28
  14. the english make so much noise but always fail at the­ last hurdle..Ugly laura fails yet again ha ha ha

    From Kim, on Tue 14 May 21:27
  15. the english make so much noise but always fail at the­ last hurdle..Ugly laura fails yet again ha ha ha

    From Kim, on Tue 14 May 21:27
  16. Samdiv Parikh..your religion and how you were brought­ up did not teach you to write such untruths, Get back­ to the basics you were taught and you will start­ writing the things you deep down know are true instead­ of your childish rantings.

    From UKSOUL-RENA'S ARMY, on Tue 14 May 21:26
  17. Congrats Serena,all in a days work.

    From Diana, on Tue 14 May 21:26
  18. Ha , ha , ha .... You stuppppppppnn did u really­ believe that this shut laura robson will defeat another­ Williams ????? ha ha ha morunilor !!!!!! Do u recall­ how was Venus when lost to lr ???? I think that lr­ will conquer Roland Garross !!! Do u ??? hihiihihihi

    From thechristian, on Tue 14 May 21:25
  19. She did well. No one expected her to win.

    From Bempah A, on Tue 14 May 21:21
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Now com on guys lets not call Serena the she-male or­ any other offending. Names! Yes we all agree that she­ is violent and hated anywhere she goes! We know she is­ most hated in Paris and New York! And we know she­ showed her true colors at the us open! But lets not­ call her names! We will get the opportunity at the­ French where she will be destroyed by the champion­ Vika! Yes Vika who will eventually send the violent one­ onto retirement! I do guarantee that much!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 14 May 21:21
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