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Sabine Lisicki

Nationality GER
Date of Birth 22/09/1989
Height 1.78 m
Weight 70 kg

Agnieszka Radwanska

Nationality POL
Date of Birth 06/03/1989
Height 1.72 m
Weight 56 kg

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  1. Marion Bartali is one of the best returners in the­ womans game and she absorbs power. she will out hit­ Lisicki of court and wipe that annowing grin of her­ face

    From peter, on Fri 5 Jul 11:54
  2. You must be tipical idiot John ,which part of germany­ surname lisicki derives ,is almost like population of­ tower hamlets in london would you call them anglosaxons­ or asian-saxons from bangladesh ,purity of germany sa­ france or britain is very doubtfull fürer claimed to­ be german ,brauner am in is austria and belonged to­ baveria in times of napoleonic wars and also before­ 1779 and his far ancistors were jewish converted ­ christians had someone like solomon in family ­ claiming to be an aryan ,you must be london cesspit boy

    From czarnogorski, on Fri 5 Jul 8:17
  3. Daniel: She's German lol

    From John, on Fri 5 Jul 5:34
  4. The parents of Sabine Lisicki belonged to the German­ minoity in Poland. They were bilingual by birth, and so­ is Sabine. Her parents were born and grew up in Poland,­ but Sabine was born and grew up in Gernany. European­ history is a complete story of immigrants, sice the­ Neanderthals were ousted by African immigrants and ­ even the Neandethals came out of Africa themselves. ­ In the bible the human story of constant migration is­ told in the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise.­ So, if u like it or not, you are an immigrant. Only a­ few Africans are real natives without immigration­ background. So would you all plz stop your uneducated­ racist rantings? They just fall back on you and your­ family, no matter how you turn it...

    From Ingo, on Thu 4 Jul 23:14
  5. @108 bob - You id...ot ! Only Sabina Lisicka is Polish­ too. hahahahahahaha

    From Danny CFC, on Thu 4 Jul 19:45
  6. You think Sabine fist pumps have you watch Bartoli,­ awful player hope she loses the final,such a peculiar­ player to watch and itensely irritating!

    From WV, on Thu 4 Jul 17:56
  7. Wimbledon Champion 2013. Many more after that, once she­ develops mentally and stay healthy. Step aside Serena,­ a new Stephanie Graff is on the scene.

    From jose, on Thu 4 Jul 17:38
  8. Unlucky Radwanska. Congrats to Lisicki

    From Peter, on Thu 4 Jul 17:12
  9. And.....of course , SAM SMITH has to end the commentary­ of the match with the fact that "Lisicki is­ allergic to grass!" She failed to mention that­ Sabine herself has recently said that she manAges­ that with medication, and it's "not a­ problem." Well done ,­ SAM...again....RIDICULOUS comments.

    From Stephen, on Thu 4 Jul 17:10
  10. Brawn over brains !!

    From Fat Tony, on Thu 4 Jul 17:07
  11. a teraz zrzedzaca Aga znowu bedzie zrzedzic na wszystko­ dookola tylko nie na siebie...

    From Wojtek, on Thu 4 Jul 17:02
  12. Well done Sabine, bad luck again Aga.....

    From John, on Thu 4 Jul 17:01
  13. Now I am sure if Archizoom is around he will attest to­ the fact that it takes power, power and power to go far­ in grand slams and therefore win one. I always maintain­ that players like Radwanska, Wozniacki and Errani will­ find it difficult to win a grand slam because of their­ style of play. These players just push the ball back­ and win points and therefore games based on the errors­ of their opponents and not by thier individual­ brilliance and play. Radwanska plays a very crafty game­ and I really like her but she just pushes the ball just­ into play on the look out that her opponent will make a­ mistake. Such style of play can never put down a power­ player who powers the ball back coupled with supreme­ accuracy and precision. It's nice watching­ intelligence and stylistic tennis play but they hardly­ win grand slams.

    From Bempah A, on Thu 4 Jul 17:00
  14. Oh dear.... great match but as predicted Sabine wins! ­ The title is yours....... ;o)

    From John, on Thu 4 Jul 16:59
  15. Gratulacje Sabina!!!!

    From Wojtek, on Thu 4 Jul 16:59
  16. Excellence at best from both of these players

    From Baldev, on Thu 4 Jul 16:58
  17. Brawo Sabina!!!

    From Wojtek, on Thu 4 Jul 16:56
  18. The pressure will get to Aga believe me. She really­ doesnt believe in her ability! Good match all the­ same.....Sabine to win!!!

    From John, on Thu 4 Jul 16:56
  19. Looks like the polish lass is getting bucket loads of­ luck

    From roger, on Thu 4 Jul 16:52
  20. I stopped watching tennis ages ago, I couldn't­ stand the women screaming any longer.

    From Steve, on Thu 4 Jul 16:52
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