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Klára Zakopalová - Li Na Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ChinaN Li468--
Czech RepublicK Zakopalová606--

Live Comments

  1. - - LI 4-6 6-0 8-6 - BREAK SET AND MATCH LI NA! Unsuccessful challenge by Zakopalova there - and with Li returning well, the Czech again goes long and the Chinese is through. Roberta Vinci next.

  2. - - LI 4-6 6-0 7-6 - Li is hunting the Czech down and moves 30-0 against serve... One pulled back... Now they scrap on deuce and it was a great forehand down the line by Li but inches wide for advantage Zakopalova. But a poor miss from the Czech, to net with Li on the run, and back to deuce... Li is determined to take this chance though and, after slipping down game point, she has match point after Zakopalova goes long!

  3. - - LI 4-6 6-0 7-6 - So now they just play until a two-game lead appears. Could literally go on all night. Li holds.

  4. - - LI 4-6 6-0 6-6 - BREAK BACK! The 32nd seed is serving for the match, and Li goes for her and edges ahead with a vicious return and rush to net. And she breaks back with a brilliant forehand winner, followed by a fist-pump.

  5. - - LI 4-6 6-0 5-6 - BREAK! Li is in big trouble now as she backhands to net, two break points for Zakopalova!! AND IT'S TAKEN! Fantastic return which Li managed to send back, but a fine winner into space and the Czech is serving for the match!!

  6. - - LI 4-6 6-0 5-5 - Zakopalova is now serving to stay in the match. 15-15 and the Czech moves ahead after a fortunate point which she wins after a terrible serve which Li failed to return with enough power. Li keeps in touch though, sniffing an opportunity, but her next return is to net. And she holds in the end to set up a tense finish.

  7. - - LI 4-6 6-0 4-3 - Having been 40-15 La has slipped to facing break point! Strong forehand under pressure for deuce though... And a big miss for the Czech with Li stranded and the Chinese holds.

  8. - - LI 4-6 6-0 1-1 - BREAK! Two break-back points for Li, and she takes them as her opponent blunders her serve.

  9. - - LI 4-6 6-0 1-0 - BREAK! Great response to that horror set by Zakopalova - she breaks to start it off.

  10. - - LI 4-6 6-0 - The look on the Czech's face says it all - having lost the first set, Li Na has cruised to a bagel, breaking a third time to rub it in.

  11. - - LI 4-6 4-0 - DOUBLE BREAK! Much better from Li in the second as she races into a 4-0 lead, blizting Zakpolova from all angles.

  12. - - LI 4-6 - SET! Zakopalova takes the first set by holding serve to 30 as Li goes long. This would be an upset for sure.

  13. - - LI 3-4 - BREAK! The Chinese saves a third break point today in a rather gruelling game. Sunny out today and it shows. Another break point must be faced down, first serve wide, the second results in a longish return and Li pumps it long for the break! Unforced error from her!

  14. - - LI 2-2 - The clash between the 32nd-seeded Czech and the sixth seed from China is underway and with serve.

Klára Koukalová

Nationality CZE
Date of Birth 24/02/1982
Height 1.66 m
Weight 55 kg

Na Li

Nationality CHN
Date of Birth 26/02/1982
Height 1.72 m
Weight 65 kg

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  1. Li Na has not been mentioned much over the last week­ and I think in view of the top seed upsets, I think she­ deserves more of a comment. I hope now she can­ surprise a few people in the coming week which I feel­ she is quite capable of doing. Good luck Li Na!

    From Alan, on Sat 29 Jun 19:40
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