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Juan Martín Del Potro - Rafael Nadal Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
ArgentinaJ Del Potro66---
SpainR Nadal24---

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Juan Martín Del Potro

Nationality ARG
Date of Birth 23/09/1988
Height 1.95 m
Weight 78 kg

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. Nothing knew here. The King of PED has started his­ cycle once again. We can safely assume that he will be­ injured soon. Do not worry, he will be full of fuel for­ AO.

    From Marlon, on Sat 12 Oct 17:22
  2. SAMantha notoriously known as Sorin : It is NICE TO BE­ NICE. You can say things nicely even if you are against­ Nadal. I don't know why you hate Nadal so much. You­ want anyone to beat Nadal so he won't catch up with­ Fed's 17 GS. Don't worry Nadal may not top that­ as with Djoko, Delpo and emerging young good players­ playing their best Nadal will have a tough time to win­ a GS but it is possible Nadal can win more GS by­ winning the FO and if his knees won't bother him he­ could still win the AO, USO and Wimbledon.

    From EDDIE, on Sat 12 Oct 16:58
  3. It's not the end of the year yet ,, ,Rafa will play­ 3 tournaments more this season ,,though he lost today­ in the semi but he already won lot of titles this­ season than the other players ..Don't be too­ excited Sorin --cuz Rafa have an amazing season­ --it's only shanghai masters there are more­ tournaments to compete ..if Delpo will play Federer too­ Delpo could beat him .. It's just unlucky for Rafa­ to play Delpo today ..

    From Lerma, on Sat 12 Oct 15:54
  4. Sorin - it seems you got unpleasant personality ,you­ came from those places who got no school -- is that­ what ur your parents teached you --don't talked­ KARma -- cuz Karma will come back to you for being a­ Bad girl..Rafa didn't do anything,, even if he lost­ he got a luxury life better than your life ..karma­ will come back to you so watch out Sorin - you're­ very bad girl ..

    From Lerma, on Sat 12 Oct 15:44
  5. SAMantha, you are using your other ID Sorin again! I­ know you are very happy and prefer to be quiet and let­ Sorin do the attacking for you. You can attack nicely­ by using good words. You know it is nice to be nice.­ This is not a GS, it is only for gaining points but­ still you are happy because Rafa did not win his last­ two tournaments. Enjoy the moment SAMantha/Sorin. See­ you at the AO and I hope Fed will win so you will­ enjoy more.

    From EDDIE, on Sat 12 Oct 15:39
  6. This haters no respect at all,,uncivilised people no­ manners , -Rafa didn't do anything wrong to upset­ this people and to the other players ,,all he just­ done was working hard to win matches ..if somebody­ tell you nasty words towards you what you gonna do --I­ think you will smack their face or say a F--words ,,do­ you like to be called of what you are calling to Rafa­ ??..sure --you don't want all you haters --­ treat people the way you will be treated ..Respect if­ you want to be respected ..

    From Lerma, on Sat 12 Oct 15:30
  7. Good bye Rafa but you are still number 1. Try to win­ your next tournament to stay or cement your position at­ number 1. Delpo has joined the mix and may be one of­ the top 3 next year.

    From EDDIE, on Sat 12 Oct 15:30
  8. JUSTICEEEEEEEEEEE hahah is still a god outhere watching­ for cheaters....hahahaha feel so good.

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:25
  9. VAMMOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS home pathetic A S S ­ itching:*:*:*

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:22
  10. justice and karma med's boy!!!!

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:22
  11. This is justice for fair players!!!!­ JUUUUUUSSSSTIIIIIIICEEEEEEEE. DEAD FOR CHEATERS!!!!

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:21
  12. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Hey pig Sorin. Your hero Ndoper Dopovich is not happy­ today. He can beat a man but can't beat another doper ­ Doper-porto on hard court. So why can't you keep your­ face in your #$%$ and shut up.

    From Arnab, on Sat 12 Oct 15:20
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    VAMOSSSSSS a la plaja ooooh ohhh

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:19
  14. @ Augusto you must be re./tar\.ded.i congratulated­ Del potro but you can clearly see Rafa is nowhere to­ his montreal or us open form. Also Nadal s ball stays­ lower now compared to the past,but yes if he plays­ short del potro will punish him but if he's a­ gressive he can dominate anyone with his forehand from­ 2013. Nadal's efficiency on forehand wasn't at­ max today.

    From ciofi, on Sat 12 Oct 15:19
  15. today nadull's left hand had a strange­ shaking....THE LACK OF MEDS CHEATER????=))))

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:18
  16. seems like nadull forget the meds in espana for Asians­ Opens=)) VAMMMOOOOOSSSSSS back for taking­ them=))))))))

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:15
  17. Well done Delpo and well done to Rafa for reaching the­ semi though Rafa lost the semi but he got nothing to­ lost , Delpo just playing solid games ---Sorin­ ,don't say that about Rafa --he cannot win all the­ time so do your player -Delpo could beat Djoko too­ ,he got the games to beat the top players ...Delpo is­ also a very good player....

    From Lerma, on Sat 12 Oct 15:13
  18. ciofi? typical rafatard: only at his best when he wins.­ I am a tennis fan, and I must say nobody could have­ beaten Delpo today, even Rafa giving 100%, as we could­ see: his looping balls, mainly the forehand, were­ easily punched by the tower Delpo, seven feet from the­ ground. He was consistent, even with serve, and­ deserved to win

    From Augusto, on Sat 12 Oct 15:12
  19. let me guess: nadull the cheater off all time was­ INJURIED???=)))) yeah i think her has a A S ­ S itching problem

    From Sorin, on Sat 12 Oct 15:12
  20. @Sorin Go and #$%$ your dad. You pig.

    From Arnab, on Sat 12 Oct 15:12
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