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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic466--
SwitzerlandR Federer632--

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Roger Federer

Nationality SUI
Date of Birth 08/08/1981
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

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  1. oh well not to be for roger.

    From stewart, on Sat 2 Nov 18:58
  2. Saw:::: roger will cut u to pieces with ur own saw next­ year at the slams by winning most of them! And I will­ pick the pieces and feed it to the wolves! Nah! They­ probably puke it out! U dirty funking disease!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 2 Nov 16:04
  3. Eddie::: ur nitemare starts in aus open 2014 although­ rafa the number one player should easily best Novak!­ Hahaha

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 2 Nov 15:58
  4. Another spanking for the smug old git; retire before­ you heap further embarrassment on yourself; Nice of ND­ to afford RF the 1st set out of sympathy.

    From bobby, on Sat 2 Nov 15:56
  5. Another choke from Federer...

    From Egeyy, on Sat 2 Nov 15:48
  6. roger giving up too easily.. he knows he stands no­ change against the KING.. he would prefer Joker play­ the KING to prevent the KING from winning. Negative­ synergy finally will prod roger to drop his racket !!

    From Saw, on Sat 2 Nov 15:46
  7. Eddie::: now the good and the bad need for you! Good­ need the guy u hate the most roger lost the match! The­ bad need is that Novak in the finals! Hahaha either­ ways fed is bbbbbbaaaaacccccckkkkk just a few more­ errors! And he will get his game ready at the aus open­ 2014! Hehe

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 2 Nov 15:40
  8. achh!! I knew it was too good to be true.

    From espspa2063, on Sat 2 Nov 15:40
  9. King djoko! What a fighter and player! :)

    From Mark, on Sat 2 Nov 15:27
  10. haha..did not i tell you ! can't recall the last­ time roger beat joker !

    From Saw, on Sat 2 Nov 15:24
  11. Eddie::: win or lose this match u can see that the guy­ u hate the most is bbbbbaaaaaccccckkkkk! And will be­ Novak full form at the aus open 2014! Get ur PROZAC­ ready!

    From Sam parikh, on Sat 2 Nov 15:22
  12. Djoko is showing that he is a good come-from-behinder.­ He lost the first set and about to win the second set.

    From EDDIE, on Sat 2 Nov 15:06
  13. It looks like the true Number 3 is going to beat Djoko.­ Having lost the first set can he come back like what he­ did in the 2010 & 2011 US Opens?

    From EDDIE, on Sat 2 Nov 15:00
  14. Oh dear roger :-( Come on you can still win this one!!

    From David, on Sat 2 Nov 14:59
  15. Come on, Roger, you can do it!

    From John, on Sat 2 Nov 14:59
  16. Is the true Number 3 going to win this? It is looking­ that way. We will see......

    From EDDIE, on Sat 2 Nov 14:47
  17. roger got 2 gs in 2009 in the absence of the King !!­ you get my points !

    From Saw, on Sat 2 Nov 14:45
  18. what the hell.. Roger is taking the set one already ..­ ! dont remember the last time he beat Joker, Roger­ stance no chance in the five setter, the reason he is­ still competing is that he hope to win the Wimbledon­ and perhaps in the other GS if Joker or the KING fail­ to reach the final.

    From Saw, on Sat 2 Nov 14:44
  19. Keep smiling SAMantha as your Idol is going to win­ this. One more set and he would be ready to meet Nadal­ assuming he beats Ferrer.

    From EDDIE, on Sat 2 Nov 14:32
  20. The sentimental favorite and the true number 3 is going­ to beat Djoko. It is going that way but don't­ forget Djoko is a good come-from-behinder but Fed knows­ that and he knows what to do. Is it not SAMantha?

    From EDDIE, on Sat 2 Nov 14:26
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