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Rafael Nadal - Novak Djokovic Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
N Djokovic66---
SpainR Nadal34---

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  1. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 4-6 - GAME, SET & MATCH! Again Nadal saves it with a sensational flicked backhand passing shot winner across court after another lengthy rally. Djokovic earns himself a third chance with an ace. And this time he does defend his title when Nadal goes for a series of increasingly angled forehand and eventually hits wide.

  2. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 4-5 - Nadal goes wide with a forehand down the line to get Djokovic off to the perfect start. The Serb then moves up the court to fire a backhand winner down the line. Nadal pegs one back with a running forehand passing shot winner across court and then also a second with a sliced backhand volley winner across court. But a big first serve out wide from Djokovic, that Nadal can only return wide, brings up another championship point ...

  3. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 4-5 - Djokovic pushes Nadal from one side to the other on the baseline, the Spaniard netting an off-balance backhand to hand his opponent a first championship point. Nadal saves it with a huge backhand down that Djokovic can only net before he loops a forehand right on to the baseline to hold and force the Serb to serve for this match.

  4. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 3-5 - Nadal hangs his head in frustration as he nets a forehand return to drop the first point of the game and Djokovic leaves himself just one game away from defending this title, a high forehand down the line drawing a backhand into the net from Nadal. The Spaniard will have to serve to stay in this match.

  5. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 3-4 - Djokovic can sense the finishing line now as he ghosts into the net and puts a low forehand down the line which Nadal can only net. Two more break points for the Serb. Nadal saves the first with an booming serve and then also the second, Djokovic's lunging backhand return this time dropping long. Nadal goes on to hold, albeit at the second attempt, to escape.

  6. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 2-4 - A spinning ace out wide helps Djokovic on his way to three game points. Nadal denies him on the first, just, when he stretches the Serb enough to draw the forehand long down the line. The second also goes begging for Djokovic as he pulls across a forehand and sends it wide across court. But the Serb does hold at the third attempt with a smash winner across court.

  7. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 2-3 - Sensational hitting from Djokovic once again as he pushes Nadal deep behind the baseline before putting his follow-up forehand on the angle across court for a drop shot. Even Nadal can't quite chase that down. But he does hold on to keep the deficit down to just the one break, sealing the game when Djokovic sends forehand return just wide down the line.

  8. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 1-3 - Nadal sends a backhand wide across court quickly followed up with an ace out wide from Djokovic to bring up three game points. It only takes the one though as Nadal sends a forehand sailing long. Djokovic a set and a break to the good now.

  9. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 1-2 - BREAK! Nadal flirts with the sidelines and over-hits, gifting Djokovic three break points. The first goes begging for the Serb when he slices a backhand into the net and a backhand wide down the line squanders the second. A clever inside-out blocked forehand return from Djokovic on the third, though, seals it when Nadal has to change direction at short-notice and can only send his forehand response long down the line.

  10. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 1-1 - Djokovic posts a solid service hold for the loss of just the one point with a big serve down the centre of the court that Nadal can only return wide on the off-forehand.

  11. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 1-0 - Nadal recovers from 15-30 down with a huge forehand smash back behind Djokovic, who is scampering across the baseline. An incredible angle on the inside-out cross court forehand from Nadal eventually leads Djokovic to hit long and the Spaniard goes on to hold without the loss of another point.

  12. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-6 - SET! Nadal somehow gets up to flick a backhand smash down at the feet of Djokoivc. The Serb does well to get a racquet to it but he can't get the ball back up and over the net. Djokovic levels at 30-all after he picks up an incredibly low backhand, he's practically kneeling on the court, the ball catches the top of the tape and literally rolls over it for the perfect drop shot. And an ace out wide two points later seals the first set for Djokovic!

  13. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-5 - BREAK! Nadal is having some trouble with his serve today, slapping down what is already his fourth, before Djokovic brings up another break point with a sensational backhand. Nadal saves it before yet another double fault hands the Serb a second chance. And this time he does break after an insane rally which sees both players cover every inch of the court, Djokovic eventually finding a backhand passing shot winner down the line from up at the net.

  14. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-4 - A superbly placed big first serve out wide from Djokovic is flicked wide down the line by Nadal. It stops the run of games in favour of the Spaniard and helps the Serb sneak out in front once again.

  15. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 3-3 - Something clearly distracts Djokovic during the point, and it is followed by an announcement to the crowd from umpire Mohammad Lehani. Nadal holds for the loss of one point when Djokovic sends a backhand wide across court.

  16. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 2-3 - BREAK! A dipping forehand from Nadal results in a Djokovic putting a lunging forehand volley into the net and a fist pump from the Spaniard. He's clearly feeling much more settled in this match now. And so he should be as Djokovic goes wide across court with a forehand to gift Nadal two break back points. The first goes begging with a netted backhand off an aggressive approach shot and the second also goes. But Nadal breaks at a third attempt when Djokovic hits long.

  17. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 1-3 - Having looked comfortable at 30-love up, Nadal throws a double fault into the mix and then also nets a forehand to allow Djokovic back to 30-all. A second double fault hands Djokovic another break point, but the chance goes begging when he sends a backhand wide down the line, and consecutive netted backhands from the Serb help Nadal get on the scoreboard. Belatedly.

  18. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 0-3 - Nadal denies Djokovic on a first game point with a much more aggressive rally, drawing the forehand long down the line from the Serb. But he does hold to consolidate the second attempt when Nadal nets after a net cord had taken the ball low down to his forehand wing.

  19. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 0-2 - BREAK! A forehand long does not start the game in the best of fashions for Nadal and he quickly finds himself three break points down after a brutal baseline exchange that eventually ends when he puts a running forehand wide down the line. He saves the first with a fantastic backhand pick-up across court for the passing shot winner after a decent drop shot from Djokovic. But the Serb does break at the second attempt with a backhand down the line that Nadal can only net.

  20. - NADAL-DJOKOVIC 0-1 - A terrific start from Djokovic as he sends down a couple of booming first serves and makes a trip into the net to fire away an inside out forehand volley winner and bring up two game points. It only takes him one though as he bangs an ace down the centre of the court to hold.

  21. - Here we go then. All the pre-amble is done and it will Novak Djokovic to get the class underway after he won the spin of the coin and opted to serve first...

  22. - One last stat for you - in their 38 meetings, only five times has either of these men come back to win after dropping the first set. Yep, that was five times. So this first set is likely to be key this evening.

  23. - Boris Becker reckons Djokovic is just going to edge this encounter, Anabel Croft believes it's too close to call and Greg Rusedski believes it will be Djokovic. What do you think? Why not get in touch on Twitter? @pippawdavis

  24. - The players are heading out on to court, Novak Djokovic followed by Rafael Nadal so there's now just the coin toss and the warm-up to go before we can get down to business proper.

  25. - Djokovic by his lofty standards had a slightly disappointing season, despite starting the year by winning the Australian Open. He only managed titles in Dubai and Monte Carlo during the middle part of the year. But he has finished in sensational form, is on a 19-match winning streak, won titles in Beijing, Shanghai and Paris as well as helping Serbia reach the Davis Cup final with a semi-final victory over Canada.

  26. - Nadal has had an absolutely sensational season since in February, picking up titles in Sao Paulo, Acapulco, Indian Wells, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Roland Garros, Montreal, Cincinnati and the US Open. That's on top of also reaching the final in Vina del Mar, Monte Carlo and Beijing (Djokovic beating him in the title match of those last two).

  27. - One things is for sure, though, this is the clash that almost everyone would want to see as the final match of the year. It's world number one against world number two. Djokovic is the defending champion, Nadal is looking for his first triumph at the World Tour Finals.

  28. - Of their hard court meetings this year, Nadal has won two - at the Montreal Masters semi-finals and the US Open final - while Djokovic has won one - in Beijing final.

  29. - Of those 38 previous meetings, 18 have been on the hard courts. Djokovic has a much better record against the Spaniard on that surface winning 12 of those meetings. They have met three times at the season-ending championships, Nadal winning the first back when it was the Masters Cup in Shanghai. Djokovic then won the second, in London in 2009, before Nadal gained revenge the following year, also in London. They were all in the group stages though.

  30. - These two have faced each other a whopping 38 times in the past five years. And Nadal leads their head-to-head record by 22 wins to just 16 in Djokovic's favour.

  31. - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the ATP World Tour Finals final between world number one Rafael Nadal and defending champion Novak Djokovic

Rafael Nadal

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 03/06/1986
Height 1.85 m
Weight 85 kg

Novak Djokovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 22/05/1987
Height 1.88 m
Weight 80 kg

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