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Ana Ivanovic - Eugenie Bouchard Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
CanadaE Bouchard576--
A Ivanovic752--

Live Comments

  1. - - GAME, SET AND MATCH - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 2-6 BOUCHARD - An absolutely fantastic final point from Bouchard. No signs of nerves at her situation whatsoever as she continued to play aggressive tennis right through that final point, stepping inside the baseline and thumping a forehand winner away to seal her place in a maiden Grand Slam semi-final.

  2. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 2-5 40-Ad BOUCHARD - Ivanovic looking very nervy as she gives away the first two points of the game on errors. The Serb pegs one point back with a great forehand volley deep towards the baseline and then levels at 30-all by following a superb serve up the court and producing a forehand winner across court. Bouchard goes long with a forehand. A sensational off-backhand winner across court, right to the corner, sees Bouchard level at deuce before Ivanovic goes long. Match point...

  3. - - Ivanovic will have to serve to stay in this match after the change of ends...

  4. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 2-5 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic has absolutely the whole court to aim at with her volley but appears to have too much choice as she dumps the backhand into the net and hand Bouchard two game points. The Serb denies her on the first but can do nothing about the second and Bouchard holds after a very calm point, working Ivanovic from one side of the court to the other before eventually over-stretching the Serb and finding a forehand volley winner.

  5. - -

  6. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 2-4 BOUCHARD - Bouchard is really firing now as she thumps a low backhand passing shot winner down the line to level up at 30-all. Another fine return of a good Ivanovic serve brings up break point although it goes begging with a forehand long. Another break point is secured with the perfect forehand volley but again the Canadian cannot take advantage of it and instead Ivanovic goes on to hold with another cracking serve.

  7. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 1-4 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic sneaks ahead with some fantastic touch on the backhand drop shot that Bouchard cannot get to before the double bounce. But the Canadian steadies the ship with a backhand winner across court before going on to hold at the first attempt to consolidate her break lead.

  8. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 1-3 BOUCHARD - The first Ivanovic outburst at her camp comes after Ivanovic lifts up on a backhand and sends the ball long of the baseline. It's two more break points to Bouchard and this time she does take advantage, Ivanovic netting a backhand after a deep, tricky return from the Canadian.

  9. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 1-2 BOUCHARD - Bouchard races through a comfortable service hold, Ivanovic's one point coming after a lucky net cord. The 19-year-old is not showing any signs of nerves at this stage of the final set though and sneaks ahead once more with a bakchand winner and a big serve that Ivanovic cannot return in play.

  10. - -

  11. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 1-1 BOUCHARD - The double faults are starting to flow from the Ivanovic racquet now as she hands Bouchard two early break points in this final set. The Serb saves them both with a couple of much better serves though before being frustrated by Bouchard saving a number of game points. Ivanovic produces her first ace to bring up another game point and this time she does hold when Bouchard fails to land a forehand.

  12. - - This match is fascinating now. It's as big a deal for Ivanovic to get to her first Grand Slam semi-final since 2008 as it is for Bouchard to reach her first ever Grand Slam semi. And with the injury seemingly playing on Ivanovic's mind, can she maintain her focus?

  13. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 0-1 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic fights back from triple game point to Bouchard to level at deuce. But the Canadian holds firm and fires down a big first serve that draws the mis-timed forehand from Ivanovic, before leaping all over the shorter return from the Serb and holding with a forehand winner down the line.

  14. - - SET - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-7 BOUCHARD - Ouch. Ivanovic opens the game with a double fault before going on to hand Bouchard a set point with a netted forehand. A second double in the game puts an end to this second set in favour of Bouchard. We are going to a decider.

  15. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-6 BOUCHARD - Bouchard also stops the run of broken service games against her. She opens with a forehand winner before drawing Ivanovic into the net and forcing the Serb into a backhand volley error. A double fault is the only down point for Bouchard in the game as she holds to leave Ivanovic serving to stay in this second set.

  16. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 5-5 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic is beginning to look a little more comfortable again now after a couple of games since the injury timeout of struggling to get going again. And she races through a service hold for the loss of just the one point to properly level up once more.

  17. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 7-5 4-5 BOUCHARD - A thumping forehand return of serve winner across court from Ivanovic quickly followed by a double fault from Bouchard and Ivanovic has chances to break back once again. A poor lob attempt, easily dealt with by Bouchard, wastes the first but she does break back for a second straight time when the Canadian pulls a backhand wide across court. Was that nerves that got to Bouchard? Serving for a set in her first Grand Slam quarter-finals.

  18. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 7-5 3-5 BOUCHARD - Wow, did Bouchard mainain her concentration during the medical timeout. The Canadian belts a forehand drive volley winner and an inside-out forehand winner across court to no response whatsoever from Ivanovic to re-establish her break advantage.

  19. - - Ivanovic has been playing with some strapping on her right upper thigh all tournament and has taken an injury timeout for treatment to that same area, or for the strapping to be re-done.

  20. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 7-5 3-4 BOUCHARD - A fouth game point goes begging for Bouchard when her forehand down the line drifts wide and instead Ivanovic earns herself another break point with a curling forehand winner across court, right into the corner. And this time Ivanovic does secure the break back when Bouchard sends a forehand just long. The Canadian challenges but she also heads back to the chair, suggesting a lack of confidence in the challenge. The ball was out.

  21. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 2-4 DEUCE BOUCHARD - An angled backhand across court from Ivanovic is too tricky for Bouchard as she doesn't quite get up to the ball and instead pushes it wide down the line to squander a game point. A backhand long then gifts Ivanovic a break back point although this also goes begging as the Serb gets her feet in a muddle and pulls a backhand wide. A fantastic running backhand winner down the line brings up another break point but again the chance goes begging for Ivanovic...

  22. - -

  23. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 2-4 BOUCHARD - A very good game this time around from Ivanovic to keep the pressure on Bouchard, who will now have to serve from the sunny end of the court. Ivanovic just threw in the one telegraphed shot in that game that Bouchard could return with ease for a winner but apart from that good serving and heavy forehands see the Serb through.

  24. - -

  25. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 1-4 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic climbs all over the second serve of Bouchard and flicks is away dismissively for a forehand winner to deny the Canadian on a game point. But she can't quite do the same on a second, trying to be a bit too cute on an angled forehand volley only to pull the ball short into the net.

  26. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 7-5 1-3 BOUCHARD - A great off-forehand across court from Bouchard can only be returned wide down the line by a running Ivanovic to hand Bouchard two break points. The first goes begging on a poor choice of shot from the Canadian but break she does at the second opportunity, with a well watched backhand winner across court comfortably beating Ivanovic for pace.

  27. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 1-2 BOUCHARD - So well played from Ivanovic to slice a backhand drop shot down the line when she is in all kinds of trouble. Bouchard actually plays a pretty decent half volley in response but Ivanovic is there to pull a backhand passing shot winner across court for the opening point of the game. It's the only point Ivanovic does get in the game though as Bouchard plays a clever backhand volley to draw the error from Ivanovic and hold.

  28. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 1-1 BOUCHARD - Bouchard does well to adjust the direction of her feet when coming up to the net and play a backhand drive volley. But the Canadian cannot get enough on it and Ivanovic rattles a forehand passing shot winner down the line to seal the hold and get her second set off the mark.

  29. - - IVANOVIC 7-5 0-1 BOUCHARD - Much better from Bouchard. She brings up a first game point with a brutal forehand winner across court from up at the net. She didn't care that Ivanovic was already running that way, she was going to hit it as hard as she could and no-one would chase it down! A backhand winner then seals the game and stops the run of breaks against the Bouchard serve.

  30. - -

  31. - - SET - IVANOVIC 7-5 BOUCHARD - An inexperienced game from Bouchard as she misses a couple of forehands to help Ivanovic on her way to three more set points. The first goes begging on a forehand wide down the line from Ivanovic, after a much better point from Bouchard when she just makes Ivanovic play one more ball. But the Serb finally does wrap up the match at the second attempt when Bouchard nets a very low forehand down the centre of the court.

  32. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 6-5 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic looked as though she had gone off the boil at the end of that last game but she re-focused her frustration down in to her racquet and rattled off a couple of brutal forehands to break to love and give herself a second chance to serve out this opening set.

  33. - -

  34. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 5-5 BOUCHARD - Big serving from Ivanovic helps her out of a spot of bother at 15-30 down. Two blows later and it's set point to the Serb. She fails to take advantage of it with a slightly off-balance forehand into the net and also squanders a second with another mis-hit. The Serb then completely loses concentration after a ball she thinks should have been called out. She doesn't stop and challenge though and two errors later Bouchard has the break back.

  35. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 5-4 BOUCHARD - A third double, not at the sun at this time, from Bouchard does not help her cause as Ivanovic earns herself another break point. The Canadian saves it but goes long with a forehand down the centre of the court. And this time Ivanovic does re-establish the break advantage when Bouchard twists on a forehand cross court and pulls the ball wide. Ivanovic will serve for the first set after the change of ends.

  36. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 4-4 BOUCHARD - An incredibly cheeky drop shot from Bouchard, just pausing before she played it and then slicing the backhand short over the net. And she goes on to break back at the first attempt with an inside out forehand winner across court and on to the sideline

  37. - -

  38. - - BREAK - IVANOVIC 4-3 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic belts a forehand return of serve down the line for a perfectly placed winner to take the first point of the game. Bouchard sneaks ahead again with a trip into the net and a forehand winner but Ivanovic pegs her back with a forehand approach shot winner of her own. A second double from Bouchard, serving into the sun, hands Ivanovic a break point. Bouchard saves it and two more but the sun gets in the way of a smash and the Serb does have the first break!

  39. - - IVANOVIC 3-3 BOUCHARD - An injection of pace on a backhand down the line proves too much for Ivaovic as Bouchard follows it up with a forehand down the opposite line. Ivanovic challenges but the ball caught the very back of the line and it's break point Bouchard. The Serb saves it with a huge first serve before going on to hold in aggressive fashion.

  40. - - IVANOVIC 2-3 BOUCHARD - Bouchard's second ace of the day is quickly followed by her first double fault. But she holds for the loss of just that one point with an aggressive move up the court, following her forehand approach shot down the line with a forehand winner whipped across court.

  41. - - IVANOVIC 2-2 BOUCHARD - Ivanovic slaps down a first double fault, the sun is at it's worst possible position for the players at the moment. But she recovers with two very agressive points, holding with a move up the court and a forehand cross court winner.

  42. - - IVANOVIC 1-2 BOUCHARD - The first break points go the way of Ivanovic as she makes a great move along the baseline and produces a forehand winner. Bouchard saves the first after a great half-volley backhand and then also the second with an ace. And from there the Canadian goes on to hold with a trip into the net and a great stop volley that Ivanovic cannot quite get up before the second bounce.

  43. - - IVANOVIC 1-1 BOUCHARD - The early signs are also good for Ivanovic as she curls a forehand winner down the line and right on to the baseline to hold to 15, the only point that has gone against the serve so far being a mis-timed forehand by Ivanovic that lands about half way up the net.

  44. - - IVANOVIC 0-1 BOUCHARD - Nerves? What nerves? Bouchard opens the match in confident fashion with a love service hold. She thumps a forehand winner on the very first point to settle herself before also throwing in a service winner and another forehand winner to seal the opening game.

  45. - - The players are just about ready to go and it will be Bouchard to get the clash underway by serving first after winning the toss...

  46. - - But this is an intriguing match. Bouchard is playing in her very first Grand Slam quarter-final. Can she cope with the occasion? Over the other end of the net is a former Grand Slam winner and world number one - albeit it one who has struggled in recent years to control both her game and her emotions.

  47. - - STATS - These two have met each other just the once before which was a surprisingly comfortable, straight sets victory for Bouchard back at Wimbledon last year.

  48. - - The winner of this clash will play two-times runner up Li Na, seeded fourth at this year's tournament, in the semi-finals. Li just recorded a very convincing 6-2 6-2 win over Flavia Pennetta in little more than an hour.

  49. - -

  50. - - Hello and welcome to LIVE coverage from the second of the women's quarter-finals on day nine of the Australian Open. This one is between Serbia's 14th seed Ana Ivanovic and 30th seed Eugenie Bouchard of Canada.

Ana Ivanovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 06/11/1987
Height 1.84 m
Weight 69 kg

Eugenie Bouchard

Nationality CAN
Date of Birth 25/02/1994
Height 1.78 m
Weight 61 kg

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