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Kiki Bertens - Ana Ivanovic Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
A Ivanovic66---
NEDK Bertens44---

Live Comments

  1. - MATCH - BERTENS 4-6 4-6 IVANOVIC: Ivanovic moves into the second round in straight sets. The score implies a routine straight sets match, but the reality was a topsy turvy festival of breaks., errors and inopportune double faults A good start for the Serb, but she will look to improve.

  2. - HOLD - BERTENS 4-6 4-5 IVANOVIC: A quick hold from Ivanovic places her in the driving seat once more. Bertens off the boil, and her punishment is the unfair pressure of serving to stay in the match.

  3. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-6 4-4 IVANOVIC: Bertens' resurgence was short-lived as she dumps a double fault into the net on break point. Ivanovic remaining solid, if unremarkable.

  4. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-6 4-3 IVANOVIC: First she perfectly executes a delicate dropshot, then captures the game with a flowing down-the-line forehand winner after a long rally. Young Bertens perhaps sensing Ivanovic's vulnerability and a very real chance for herself.

  5. - HOLD - BERTENS 4-6 3-3 IVANOVIC: As if a spell was broken, Bertens immediately responds with her first service hold in a long while. The formula was no different - a few good first serves and a few good service holds.

  6. - HOLD - BERTENS 4-6 2-3 IVANOVIC: Ivanovic snatches the first hold in eight games by simply landing a few first serves. A simple idea, but a very important one.

  7. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-6 2-2 IVANOVIC: Surprise, surprise. Ivanovic levels up the second set with yet another break of. The Serb finally properly opening up her shoulders and producing a flurry of errors.

  8. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-6 1-2 IVANOVIC: Bertens steals yet another break. Both women appear to be alternating between relentlessly attempting to attack and pushing the ball into court. But neither has quite comprehended that the latter is currently winning most battles.

  9. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-6 1-1 IVANOVIC: A sixth break in a row as Ivanovic shrugs of the sizable break and levels it one game apiece. Typically, a booming forehand followed by a bounce smash sealed the break for Ivanovic.

  10. -

  11. - And now the ominous sight of the trainer and doctor on the court for Bertens. The Dutchwoman seems to be struggling heavily.

  12. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-6 1-0 IVANOVIC: Fifth break of serve in a row but this one is punctuated by a very fine backhand from Bertens.

  13. - SET - BERTENS 4-6 IVANOVIC: Just as Ivanovic looked to be struggling, Bertens arrives with a wayward forehand error at 4-5 30-30 followed by a double fault on set point to promptly hand over the set. Serbian Orthodox Christmas came just last week, and that was undoubtedly a very nice present from the Dutchwoman.

  14. - BREAK - BERTENS 4-5 IVANOVIC: In the least surprising news ever, another break of serve arrives as Bertens staves off Ivanovic's attempts to serve out the set. This time, the Serb dropped two double faults, punctuated with trademark wayward tosses. One more chance to come.

  15. - BREAK - BERTENS 3-5 IVANOVIC: Some long rallies, but forehand errors galore from Bertens hand Ivanovic back the break. Bertens is trying to take the initiative now, but not quite succeeding.

  16. - BREAK - BERTENS 3-4 IVANOVIC: The break was shortlived as Bertens bites back. No rhyme or reason to this match as both women feel their way into the tournament, but one thing is for sure - Bertens will fins the Ivanovic backhand whenever she possibly can.

  17. - HOLD - BERTENS 2-4 IVANOVIC: Bertens reverts back to loading the Ivanovic backhand with as many balls as is humanly possible, and it works a treat. Her first hold of the match brings her a second game.

  18. - HOLD - BERTENS 1-4 IVANOVIC: A tetchy deuce game, but Ivanovic does just enough to consolidate.

  19. - BREAK - BERTENS 1-3 IVANOVIC: A backhand error from Bertens after a series of misfired groundstrokes gives Ivanovic a nudge into the lead. Ivanovic hasn't had to do much, and I can't imagine she'd complain.

  20. - HOLD - BERTENS 1-2 IVANOVIC: We have the first hold of the match as Ivanovic lands enough first serves to tick her first service game off the list. The favourite finally looking to assert her authority.

  21. - BREAK - BERTENS 1-1 IVANOVIC: A break isn't a break until you consolidate. Bertens does no such thing, and after a tight struggle with multiple deuces, Ivanovic lands enough returns to take the game.

  22. - BREAK - BERTENS 1-0 IVANOVIC: No surprises with Ana Ivanovic any more. Bertens directs all the traffic straight to the Serb's backhand and breaks. No frills.

  23. - Ana Ivanovic and Kiki Bertens now beginning on Hisense Arena. Ivanovic is surely looking to kick on here after picking up her first regular title since Linz in 2010.

Kiki Bertens

Nationality NED
Date of Birth 10/12/1991
Height 1.82 m
Weight 69 kg

Ana Ivanovic

Nationality SRB
Date of Birth 06/11/1987
Height 1.85 m
Weight 69 kg

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  1. Bravo Ana !!!

    From Stojan Tokovic, on Mon 13 Jan 17:57
  2. Come on Ana !!! Win this !!!

    From Miodrag Marinkovic, on Mon 13 Jan 3:54
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