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Andy Murray - Feliciano López Live

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Nationality Player Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5
United KingdomA Murray766--
SpainF López642--

Live Comments

  1. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 6-2 LOPEZ. An impressive performance from the Scot. Although shaky in the earlier stages, he eventually cruised through the gears and his level rose accordingly to record another convincing victory and book his place in the second week of the Australian Open for the sixth consecutive year.

  2. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 5-2 LOPEZ. Another routine hold from Lopez, and Murray will serve for the match.

  3. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 5-1 LOPEZ. Murray slams down three aces in one service game and continues his single-minded march towards the "W", without so much as breaking step.

  4. - BEAK - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 4-1 LOPEZ. Murray has stopped relying on his slice as much and the depths off his driven groundstrokes have proved the difference in this final set. He easily dissembles another Lopez service game by simply keeping a supreme length. U

  5. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 3-1 LOPEZ. More rasping first serves bring Murray yet another easy hold of serve. Cruising.

  6. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 2-1 LOPEZ. Lopez slams down some first serves to easily record his first hold of the set.

  7. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 2-0 LOPEZ. Murray throws down some first serves and rapidly consolidates his early break with a supesonic hold of his own.

  8. - BREAK - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 1-0 LOPEZ. Much like in the second set, Murray nabs a break at the very beginning of the set. More questionable deicisions from the Spaniard, but the break was driven by a clinically perfect, measured dipping passing shot from Murray at 0-30

  9. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 6-4 LOPEZ. Murray moves up two sets to love.

  10. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 5-4 LOPEZ. Murray has dropped only seven points on serve thus far in this set thus far, and on reurn he has won only 8 points despite the break. Right on cue, two more completely dominant service games leave Murray serving for the second set at 5-4.

  11. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 4-3. LOPEZ. A similarly routine hold from Lopez keeps him tight enough to the fourth seed.

  12. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 4-2 LOPEZ. Murray easily consolidates his break with another serve-dominated, routine hold.

  13. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 3-2 LOPEZ. Another effortless serve-crushing, forehand-smashing service game from Lopez that only serves to make further mockery of the Spaniard's first offering in set two.

  14. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 3-1 LOPEZ. Up 40-0, Murray randomly attempts a Martina Hingis-esque unnecessarily cruel dropshot to lob combination that, unlike Hingis, spectacularly fails. It could have ended up haunting him, but he calmly finishes the game later and holds for 3-1.

  15. - MURRAY 7-6(2) 2-1 LOPEZ. A routine hold from Lopez gives him his first game of the set. Despite leading by a set and a break, Murray was positively fuming as he walked to his seat after missing a couple of returns.

  16. - BREAK - MURRAY 7-6(2) 1-0 LOPEZ After so diligently and successfully digging himself out of countless holes in the first set, Lopez produces a bizarrely reckless game to hand over the break wrapped in a nice bow. A completely unneccessary double fault proved the final nail in the coffin of that service game.

  17. - SET - MURRAY 7-6(2) LOPEZ. After edgily trading for much of the set, Murray finds his clutch in the tiebreak and briefly transcends with a series of brilliant shots – a delicate forehand dropshot followed by a devastating forehand winners then perfect anticipation meeting seamless movement. First set to Murray.

  18. - MURRAY 6-6 LOPEZ - A perfectly accurate illustration of Lopez's inconsistency in a string of consecutive points: a hopelessly mis-judged Murray return that landed 3 feet in the baseline, an ace, a service winner, a double fault, a terrible netted routine forehand and then a beauiful drop volley. In the end, Lopez takes the game and a tiebreak it is.

  19. - MURRAY 6-5 LOPEZ - After storming to a 40-0 lead with a contrasting mixture of big serving and carving slices, Lopez cuts the lead with a pair of brutal forehands but a tense rally forces out a Spanish error and gives Murray his 6th game of the set.

  20. - MURRAY 5-5 LOPEZ. A mixed bag from Lopez again, but he duly holds with relative ease.

  21. - MURRAY 5-4 LOPEZ. Right on cue, Murray smashes down a love hold of his own to edge back into the lead. Lopez will now serve to stay in the set.

  22. - MURRAY 4-4 LOPEZ. An even more routine hold from Lopez - a couple of big serves and a peach of a forehand give him the easiest hold of the match.

  23. - MURRAY 4-3 LOPEZ. A couple of big serves and a couple of Lopez errors give Murray a routine hold. There was, of course, a shanked first serve from Murray that was so bad it hit the back fence, but we'll forget that happened.

  24. - MURRAY 3-3 LOPEZ. A familiar sight in this matchup - Lopez needlessly digging himself holes with wayward errors before serving out of them with aces, while Murray trawls the baseline, keeping the ball low and coming up with the most inventive of passing shots. This time, despite a peach of a running down-the-line backhand passing shot from the Scotsman, Lopez's serving prowess triumphed as he levelled the match.

  25. - MURRAY 3-2 LOPEZ. It took four full games, but finally Murray showcased his first pure, full-blooded winner of the day; swiping away a pedestrian Lopez return with a brute of a forehand. There were other highlights – a well-worked 26-shot rally that culminated in a deft angle and winning dropshot from the fourth seed, but almost every highlight was matched with the ugly. After a series of deuces, Murray finally carved out another hold.

  26. - MURRAY 2-2 LOPEZ. A pair of aces alongside some big forehands give Lopez his first hold too.

  27. - MURRAY 2-1 LOPEZ. Amid more head-shaking and body language not exactly of the encouraging kind, Murray holds and moves into the lead. Lopez very generous with his unforced errors.

  28. - BREAK – MURRAY 1-1 LOPEZ. Murray quickly even things up with a break of his own, however the first stages of the match aren’t exactly encouraging. Early in the game a mistimed backhand from Murray brought the familiar sight of his hand shooting straight to his back. His face grave after scraping through the game.

  29. - BREAK - MURRAY 0-1 LOPEZ. Lopez surprisingly takes the break in the very first game as Murray misses two routine backhands - one into the net and the other well wide - from 30-30. Lopez very uncharacteristically conservative and it worked a treat.

  30. - Murray and Lopez are currently warming up on Hisense now. Murray leads the H2H 7-0 .

  31. - Coming up shortly is the big one - LIVE coverage of Andy Murray's third round battle against Feliciano Lopez.

Andy Murray

Nationality GBR
Date of Birth 15/05/1987
Height 1.9 m
Weight 84 kg

Feliciano López

Nationality ESP
Date of Birth 20/09/1981
Height 1.87 m
Weight 85 kg

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  1. Best of luck ANDY keep it up, fantastic game.

    From eveie, on Sat 18 Jan 7:25
  2. Well done Andy. Step it up another notch for the second­ week!

    From John, on Sat 18 Jan 7:21
  3. Come on Andy, make it a three set win!

    From John, on Sat 18 Jan 7:00
  4. this is your year andy

    From michael, on Sat 18 Jan 6:51

    From , on Fri 17 Jan 23:13

    From , on Fri 17 Jan 23:13
  7. You can do it AM!!!

    From petchoulier_dc1, on Fri 17 Jan 18:17
  8. Best of luck Andy, as always!!

    From Dee G, on Fri 17 Jan 18:16
  9. Come on Andy - You will need a little extra FOCUS -­ stick to your 'A-Game' on this one - YOU CAN DO­ IT - with you all the way - God Bless Always - xxxDxxx

    From DOROTHY, on Fri 17 Jan 12:24
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