Video: Serena happy with improvement

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  1. She should be playing in the mens tournaments

    From King Mario, on Mon 3 Sep 11:00
  2. There may be improvement in her play taking. into­ consideration she has played a bunch of nobodies to­ date. However there has been no improvement in her­ looks. One consolation though, she couldn't look­ worse as that is not possible as she has reached the­ ultimate height in ugliness.

    From Peter, on Mon 3 Sep 7:20
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    The beast lost two weeks ago to angilique so another­ proof she is nothing like the greatest now u will say­ she was tired how come everytime the beast loses she is­ tired and her fans always have an excuse?

    From Sam parikh, on Mon 3 Sep 1:46
  4. I hope she doesn't lose her temper again. The US­ open always causes her to crack up in recent years.

    From , on Sun 2 Sep 23:34
  5. Noor Farida ! Just ignore Sam parikh AKA PETER,aka tong­ tong tong.He is just trying to annoy U. He simply does­ not like Serena and nothing U say will make a­ difference. He went in hiding when Serena won­ Wimbledon and again the Olympics.

    From courtney, on Sun 2 Sep 19:36
  6. You seem to be living in the past, Old Man. Since she­ lost to Virginie Razzano, Serena went on to win­ Wimbledon and the Olympics Singles and Doubles Gold­ medal. She lost to Sam Stosur last year because of the­ awful scheduling where she had to play the semifinals­ till near midnight the previous day whereas Stosur had­ more rest as she had played her match a lot earlier .­ Serena has since avenged that defeat when she­ demolished Stosur 6-1 6-1 at Charleston earlier this­ year. By the way, your predictions have made you a­ laughing stock. Not a single one of them have come to­ past.. Why don't you just give it a rest. As for­ calling Serena a beast , which is not very nice, you­ sound like a slimy little insect yourself.

    From Noor Farida, on Sun 2 Sep 19:19
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    Noor:::: ur greatest got destroyed by razzano at the­ French and the beast played her best! Last year Sam­ destroyed her in the finals and this year the beauty­ vica will destroy the beast!

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 2 Sep 17:33
  8. The beast will lose in the final against the beauty­ vica

    From Sam parikh, on Sun 2 Sep 12:13
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