Video: Armstrong wins triathlon in record time

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  1. Lance is still 7x winner and that can never be taken­ away from him. It wasn't just a dream. It happened­ in real life.

    From butch, on Wed 3 Oct 15:28
  2. Haters are pulling their hair out! Lol! The LEGEND is­ back and still winning!

    From Wakberto, on Wed 3 Oct 12:39
  3. A good win for Lance - found the Speedo's a bit­ disturbing though!

    From JOHN, on Wed 3 Oct 12:18
  4. Dear Maxx92, It was the 2000 Dauphine, not '99. And­ I don't know that he 'blew off' his­ daughter. He was probably exhausted. He'd just­ finished a Tri. Lance has done enough evil s*&t.­ You don't need to make it up. cheongs, One thing­ about Lance, he does like to stay fit. The extra beef?­ Well, he does have to swim now. Sunny, Nick, and the­ rest, Charity triathalons are not sanctioned by WADA,­ but the Kona is. His 'record' doesn't count­ and he won't be allowed at the Kona. I've gone­ to bat for Lance many times, and I've also burned­ him when I thought he deserved it. You can't­ condemn Lance without doing the same for the whole­ sport. Blame the UCI, not Lance. Lance, being a typical­ American, just had to try to do it 'bigger and­ better.' Even assuming that everything I've­ heard is true, I'm still registering my boys to­ ride in his Austin ride this month.

    From eric, on Tue 2 Oct 22:16
  5. Unreal, mr controversial has once again thrown the cat­ among the pigeons, the haters will have a field day on­ this one,

    From ralph, on Tue 2 Oct 18:34
  6. He must still be fit then, but he has piled on the beef­ a bit!

    From cheongsamfettish, on Tue 2 Oct 18:19
  7. Fantastic keep going champ!!

    From paul, on Tue 2 Oct 14:53
  8. The "LEGEND" continues...Love it or hate it

    From Wakberto, on Tue 2 Oct 12:43
  9. Chris, could you please expand on your comment. ­ Thanks.

    From Tuggo, on Tue 2 Oct 0:30
  10. Triathlons have weaker doping controls than cycling, so­ Lance should do well.

    From p, on Mon 1 Oct 21:33
  11. One word! "LEGEND"

    From Wakberto, on Mon 1 Oct 19:36
  12. Its like the fat Elvis ...embarassing

    From Hi, on Mon 1 Oct 19:36
  13. I thought he was banned after not contesting USADA­ charges.

    From Charles, on Mon 1 Oct 19:31
  14. The guy is filled with secret drugs upto his eyeballs.­ Whatever he does is irrelevant or dodgy. He should not­ be allowed to compete against real men. He is a­ FRAUDSTER and a CHEAT!!

    From Sunny, on Mon 1 Oct 19:13
  15. Watch the video, Lance now competing against a­ triathlete with one foot , next he will race my­ grandmother.

    From mike, on Mon 1 Oct 18:49
  16. Lance is the #$%$ of cycling FULL STOP

    From Nhj Bert, on Mon 1 Oct 17:28
  17. Dang! In record time! The haters gonna hate! Lol! Kona­ in 2013 for Lance! Viva Lance!

    From Wakberto, on Mon 1 Oct 16:17
  18. I thought this cheating #$%$ had been banned from all­ forms of competition. Unrepentant doper.

    From Nick, on Mon 1 Oct 15:02
  19. The stupid Irishman obviously does not knowl what he is­ talking about; never a problem for idiots though!

    From Chris, on Mon 1 Oct 13:19
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