Video: Murray: Olympic win was my greatest moment

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  1. Now, he will have to confirm in grand slam. It strarts­ at New York.

    From Hugo, on Wed 8 Aug 12:12
  2. Ha the REAL sam is back lol wonder how long it would be­ before he would bite!! No sour grapes for me why should­ there be we are talking here about Olympic gold and­ your old man got thrashed and Rafa has one and that­ will haunt the swiss forever and a day no matter what­ else he wins. The best part is getting embarassed at­ the very place he calls home lol -

    From WV, on Wed 8 Aug 8:07
  3. VW:::: u idiot you said roger will never win another­ slam....he won wimbeldon! in ur face hater! now take­ your prediction and shove it in some dark place .....if­ you know what i mean! and ur hero well he lost to­ rosol! the goat! as he has a winning record against ur­ goat nadal! hahahahahaha i still get to smile last!

    From krishna, on Tue 7 Aug 21:29
  4. VW:::: ur dreams will get crushed just like rosol­ crushed nadal! Yes yes yes and davydanko will haunt u­ and nadal as he has a winning record against nadal! ­ Rosol has a winning record against ur hero! And fed­ yes yes yes fed will win another 7 slams as he will­ play till rio Olympics and beyond! I can see Delpo­ take over rafas number 4 next year as rafa will lose­ even on clay! So VW take ur wish and shove it up ur­ rear end!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 7 Aug 21:05
  5. Edith - sour grapes somewhat - Roger wanted that gold,­ now the fedtards are back and smarting at their man­ getting smashed - great. Can't you even give Andy­ some credit he played great tennis, and Roger will not­ beat him now. And it wasn't that he didn't try­ he couldn't he is too old, and a spent force but he­ certainly wasn't pleased with silver and what a­ treat to watch him looking so flat.He has had his day­ now so cheers mr fake.

    From WV, on Tue 7 Aug 21:02
  6. My prediction for the year end 1- Andy 2- Novak 3 -­ Rafa 4-Delpo and Roger will have disappeared! I for one­ will not miss him his ungraciousness about other­ players when he beats them, will never forget his smirk­ at Wimbledon to Andy, so retire now as the Olympic­ singles gold will never sit in yout trophy cabinet, but­ Oh dear Rafa having one will haunt you forever and a­ day lol

    From WV, on Tue 7 Aug 20:56
  7. As a fed fan! Hats off to mr Murray! Awesome Murray­ beat fed fair and square! Absolutely no excuses will be­ accepted! Murray was a better player on Sunday! And­ Andy welcome to number three in the world after the­ cincinnati masters! Yes as I predicted Murray will be­ number 3 in the world at the us open! No chance on hell­ rafa is going to walk over in the finals cause now he­ will have to beat atleast 2 top three players to win­ the us open! And he has not done that ever! In a slam!­ So no rafa won't be a threat at the us open! And us­ open is going to be about fed and Andy! As Novak is not­ in form! And I can see Andy as the number 2 by the year­ end! What a plan by mr Ivan Lendl the master has got­ Murray what Murray wanted most! Now grand slams are­ waiting for him next year! Vamos federer and Andy­ Murray the two best players in the world!

    From Sam parikh, on Tue 7 Aug 20:22
  8. When Murray lost the Wimbledon final to Federer, he­ almost immediately set out to nab gold at the Olympics.­ He did, and downing Federer and Novak Djokovic in­ the same tournament will give Murray more confidence­ than ever as he attempts to finally end his Grand Slam­ drought

    From Dee G, on Tue 7 Aug 19:55
  9. I have a feeling that Roger wasn't interested in­ this match, he certainly didn't try to win it.

    From whocaresanyway, on Tue 7 Aug 19:40
  10. that was an empty win for Murray . i watched the match­ & l also believe it was fixed ,Federer hit the net­ & missed easy returns , A champion does not do that­ , Murray was indeed given the match to make England­ look gr8 it was a complete sham

    From Jamie's Mum, on Tue 7 Aug 18:44
  11. Federer didn't even try / He was told to lose by­ the officials /He is the greatest tennis player alive­ / Murray was given the match Anyone watching could see­ it was fixed for Murray to win it was a disgrace to­ the UK.

    From Edith, on Tue 7 Aug 18:37
  12. mark, - normally I would agree with you about winning­ Wimbledon but in this instance I don't think so, I­ think this time Roger wanted the gold most because he­ is all about records and he definitely wanted to win­ this gold especially because it was at Wimbledon. He­ will never have it now so it is the one thing missing­ from his trophy cabinet. Sure he has the doubles gold,­ but you could see the disappointment in his face (Delpo­ looked more pleased at the bronze) I for one am glad he­ didn't win it, he is so ungracious in losing only­ talked about badly he played, but I think andy will­ move forward from here, but the fact that Rafa has the­ singles gold will forever haunt the swiss - too bad, he­ thought it was going to be easy and he was­ embarassingly thrashed by someone and clearly not­ having the usual Brit support rattled him.

    From WV, on Tue 7 Aug 17:54
  13. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Dee G, I have my facts right buddy, Federer has gold­ with Wawrinka in the doubles game. The 5 thumbs up u­ got means shows how stupid u british folks are­ anyways...

    From Mboy, on Tue 7 Aug 0:47
  14. Dee g he won gold in the mens doubles last time but not­ in the singles

    From anne, on Mon 6 Aug 23:41
  15. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Murray, Moro and loser. He will never win a GS. Del­ Potro took everything from uncle Federer. We will see­ what happen in the US Open. Murray he will not even­ reach the semis. Say Good Night Andy. Andy wil joint­ the other Andy.

    From Kikin, on Mon 6 Aug 23:39
  16. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    The olympics gold gold hardly compares to winning­ wimbledon. Get real people. Don't be so stupid.

    From Mark, on Mon 6 Aug 23:22
  17. *Wrong MBoy. Roger has never won Gold at any Olympics!­ get your facts right

    From Dee G, on Mon 6 Aug 21:16
  18. I am chuffed to bits for Andy Murray, one of the­ hardest working sportsmen, a man who gets a lot of­ stick, and for what, his performance yesterday was­ brilliant, majestic, fantastic, the superlatives are­ inexhaustable, but justified for the way he dispatched­ Roger Federer, a player enjoying a renaissance after a­ surprising blip on a glittering career, you could be­ forgiven for thinking Murray was world number one the­ way he played, and credit to federer, for his­ graciousness in defeat, another great sporting icon,­ can we now look forward to seeing Andy win Wimbledon­ next year, heres hoping, but i'm sure he will soon­ break his grand slam duck.

    From Dave, on Mon 6 Aug 20:22
  19. The Golden Boy will start winning a Grand Slam next­ year or as early as this September in the USO. Fed and­ Djoko are very good on that hard court surface but that­ was before and this is now, a new Murray is here to­ take on the best.

    From EDDIE, on Mon 6 Aug 18:58
  20. Federer has participated 3 times in the Olympics and so­ far got Gold and Silver. He has won 17 grandslams and­ has an inimaginable record of 290 weeks as world number­ 1. Today he accepted his defeat against the better­ player as a true champion, that Murray was better in­ this tournament and he deserved it. But the way people­ are now talking about Roger is sickening, he told­ himself that past six weeks was the best six weeks of­ the entire year, winning wimbledon, n1 again and silver­ at olympics, now who could ever bring the idea of roger­ retiring? Which idiot could even think of that right­ now? I for myself know that Roger is the­ undisputable GOAT, best ever been so far, and to be­ honest, I don't think that Murray, Djokovic and not­ even Nadal will surpass him. Maybe someone in the­ future. And dont forget guys, every single day­ further, the Legend is becoming bigger and bigger, and­ harder to reach for others.

    From Mboy, on Mon 6 Aug 17:45
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