Video: Bolt's friends followed Olympic 100m final on radio

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  1. " faaaffaaufff fuuffing ­ fi fi fiitt ­ fitttiing " " faster than a­ fisherman chasing jack !!!" ­ power cut quick git the deisel panga inboard ­ and start it up i got­ some windmills in tubes under the panga ­ and all dem rollerskaters doing­ olypic circles wid some o tose 12v dynamos on­ dem wheels

    From Simon, on Tue 7 Aug 13:25
  2. what im say sir ? power cut in jamaica ? ­ mi familie given the world hafnium ­ for atomic power & the mad professor to­ mix it up on the beach at jemaima surf camp ­ and a giant windmill on a long fire stick to a gm­ alternator to kick out some amps ! ­ damm mi punniebunnyjunglehoney be askin for ­ a red stripe to hang upside down like a­ bat in a hammock ! big up the­ festival ballons

    From Simon, on Tue 7 Aug 13:13
  3. Tends to happen inJamaica from time to time, but the­ jamaicans are very resourceful

    From Anita, on Tue 7 Aug 13:01
  4. With power or no power he won it great legend

    From MWEETWA LARRY, on Tue 7 Aug 12:48
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