Video: Alonso relishing 'very special weekend'

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  1. KIMI needs a car, team and more money to show his­ skills! Fernando, never count him out as a skilled­ driver, Ferrari needs to open their eyes instead of­ keeping them WIDE SHUT!! I'm with Fernando from­ the start to the end. As for this session I must say­ it has been the way F1 should be, Close.... Much­ better than the last two years..

    From , on Mon 18 Jun 3:22
  2. No Bill, we are not all for Fernando, BUT for the King­ of the F1 Tracks.....THE ICEMAN!!!! In my opinion the­ best on the track now is : KIMI, Fernando and third I­ place Grosjean. Vettel like Hamilton and Schumacher­ were "made" champions. Button and Weber are­ no doubt experienced midfield competitors with V,H­ & S. I would like to see Fernando on the podium,­ but he will be behind KIMI and Grosjean. I will also­ never forget or forgive how he tratored on KIMI. Once a­ trator, always a trator, it is in your genes, you are­ born like that. Rosberg is also a skillfull driver and­ between him and Alonso it will be the fight for third­ to fifth position, but it WILL be KIMI, Grosjean and­ then......the luckiest of the 'pack of­ five'.....GO FOR IT KIMI!!!!! Grosjean learn while­ you can my boy, you have the BEST tutor.

    From Francis, on Wed 9 May 14:51
  3. go for it Fernado you can do it, we are all with you.

    From BILL, on Wed 9 May 12:45
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