Video: Serena hails team after Wimbledon glory

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  1. Sarah-jane. i tought you were going to talk about­ tennis. Are you so shallow like the abusers? She's­ a black woman snd that'd how black hair look like.­ Are you having a problem with that? Why Serena fans­ dont abuse azatrnka, rdwnska, kvitova and all the girls­ Serena has been beating day in day out? Girl, know­ yourself. still blonde or you now a brunette.­ I am taljing about your dyed hair, not your pubes;­ cause they are eithet black or ginger. lol.

    From Guy, on Thu 12 Jul 19:17
  2. @sarah-jane, no matter how many times you change your­ aliases, you are still the most shallow thing on here.­ after Serenas' win at Wimbledon, you could have had­ the nerve to use your regular self, but seeing how you­ are stupid, you had to be someone else to abuse Serena.­ how embrassing you must be. I still maintain your life­ must be soooooooo miserable for you to take out your­ frustrations on someone who has no idea you exist.

    From yeah, on Thu 12 Jul 6:53
  3. Beautiful!

    From Benita, on Wed 11 Jul 19:38
  4. to much woman....

    From andy, on Wed 11 Jul 15:49

    From , on Wed 11 Jul 14:06
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