Video: Murray: I can retire happy after US Open win

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  1. This is the first of many for Andy, without a shadow of­ a doubt. He has always been a wonderful player, with a­ unique talent, but now he has the belief to go with it.­ Commentators should now shut up about Andy's on­ court demeanour, he has clearly worked hard to be more­ positive, to deal with mistakes better, and it has done­ him the world of good this year. He pushed Djokovic­ close in almost five hours in the semi's in­ Australia. He got to the final of Wimbledon, the first­ Brit to do so in 74 years. He won the US Open, beating­ Djokovic, a man who hasn't lost a hard court match­ for two years, and Andy was the first Brit to win a­ major for 76 years. At Lendl's own admission, Andy­ would struggle to win the French at the moment, but he­ is capable of winning Australia and Wimbledon, as well­ as the US. Andy thrashed Federer at the Olympics just­ 28 days after losing the Wimbledon final this year.­ Next year could very well be very exciting for Murray­ and his many fans.

    From , on Mon 17 Sep 18:30
  2. Sam, i don't want to start a fight but a little bit­ of respect for Novak and Rafa please. Don't you­ think it's premature to proclaim Andy as the 2013­ French Open victor before Rafa and then Novak who has­ at least reached the finals? Don't discredit­ history's greatest clay court player, time will­ tell what happens in the future and as always may the­ best player on the day win on any surface regardless.

    From Anindita, on Thu 13 Sep 3:45
  3. Well done Andy I knew you would win a Grand Slam and I­ hope that all the people who have doubted you and­ commented unkind remarks now eat their words.

    From Maggie, on Wed 12 Sep 20:29
  4. Congrats! Murray

    From , on Wed 12 Sep 16:13
  5. As I had mentioned before its all about Andy and fed­ next year! Congrats for your is open and an advanced­ congrats for your French open victory 2013 yes Andy­ will win the French open 2013 as I believe that fed­ will win the aus open 2013! And Andy has a food chance­ at wimbeldon if federer does not play as well as he did­ in the finals next year Andy will win his 3 rd slam­ next year and the us open where Andy will be a fav­ again! And congrats to the next number one! Murray­ will take away the number one from federer in the next­ year or two! This coming from a federer fan! Rafa­ won't be a threat on any surface next year and­ Novak has to go back to the drawing boards as he had a­ disappointing year!

    From Sam parikh, on Wed 12 Sep 15:55
  6. This video is not avail in your location. #$%$

    From Enver, on Wed 12 Sep 15:26
  7. Please do.

    From PIERRE, on Wed 12 Sep 15:18
  8. Same goes for you, Diana, but a hundred times over. I­ doubt anyone would miss such pointless comments.

    From Sparky, on Wed 12 Sep 0:21
  9. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    So why doesn't he. I certainly wouldn;t miss him­ and didn;t watch any of last nights match between 2­ boors

    From Diana, on Wed 12 Sep 0:00
  10. ANDY,what more can be said, but well done and­ congratulations, its now happened

    From gregor c, on Tue 11 Sep 22:52
  11. Mint murray!! well done and the first of many -­ insightful video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Kerry, on Tue 11 Sep 20:50
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