Video: Murray feeling 'very good'

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  1. @M - Few million quid in the bank for starters!

    From Richard, on Sat 16 Jun 9:43
  2. Murray is a world class player and will win almost­ every tournament he enters as long as he can avoid the­ 3 kings, Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. He does even have­ a good chance against those over 1 week of 3 sets.­ Luckily for Murray none of the 3 kings are there at­ Queens so he has a good chance of winning again. Still­ a lot of other competition though and many great­ players in the draw. Wimbledon is a completely­ different tournament 2 weeks of 5 sets and the 3 kings­ will be there. Murray will be tough to beat at­ Wimbledon and should get as far as the semi finals.­ Then it will be time to meet the legends and kings of­ tennis. Not much chance for anyone else having to play­ any of those 3 kings at Wimbledon as they have won a­ total of 32 Grand Slams between them!

    From Hazam, on Wed 13 Jun 10:23
  3. Interesting how the other articles get nil comments and­ yet still the little people zoom onto Murray's­ article to be nasty. If you can't EVER be positive,­ then NAFF OFF and just support someone elsewhere.

    From M, on Wed 13 Jun 9:39
  4. @ Richard: What has he got to smile about with people­ like you gunning him down all the time?

    From M, on Wed 13 Jun 9:35
  5. Typical silly comments without a hint of respect. @­ Kevin: If Murray is childish, then you must still be­ embryonic! No wonder Britain has a crummy record of­ late - they don't know how to support their own.

    From M, on Wed 13 Jun 9:34
  6. Murray should not be feeling good after his performance­ at the french. his childish antics did not fool­ anybody, in fact is was very embarrasing and­ unproffesional. in stead of feeling good, he should­ look at the players who have won slams and then look in­ the mirror

    From KEVIN, on Wed 13 Jun 9:10
  7. do you think he might smile?!!! - nah! - me neither!

    From Richard, on Wed 13 Jun 6:09
  8. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Nobody expects anything from him right now. So if he­ keeps under the radar he might have a better chance.­ Not to win, of course, but maybe get as far as the semi­ finals in Wimbledon. And he might even win in Queens.

    From Jimmy, on Wed 13 Jun 5:34
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