Video: Kluivert: Dutch need change to progress

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  1. That does make sense. Thanks Cathy.

    From Roger Daley, on Sun 17 Jun 19:07
  2. For all of you who are asking, head to head is not­ taken into account if 3 teams rather than 2 finish on­ the same points in 2nd place. Hope this helps.

    From Cathy, on Sun 17 Jun 13:52
  3. In order the dutch team to progress it should be like­ this, 1st. Germany should win against Denmark , and­ Denmark should not get any goal. 2nd. The Dutch team­ should win with more goals against Portugal . Then­ if the results will stay like that, all three teams,­ Dutch, Denmark and Portugal will be having three points­ each and through goal difference one of them will­ progress to the quarter final

    From edward, on Sun 17 Jun 13:18
  4. Yeah Roger, I just looked aswell, I think your right,­ best Netherlands can do is come 3rd, they cannot­ progress, as Denmark should be above them on head to­ head even if they lose to Germany.

    From First L, on Sun 17 Jun 12:57
  5. Can someone please explain, how the Dutch can progress­ to the quater final?. As I see it, if they beat­ Portugal, they finish above them on head to head. As­ Germany have got six points already, it is not possible­ for them to finish above Germany. Even if Denmark lose­ to Germany, surely they would still be above the Dutch­ on head to head!. So the best the Dutch can do is­ finish third. Am I wrong?.

    From Roger Daley, on Sun 17 Jun 12:49
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