Video: Amazing skills of 'six-year old Sachin'

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  1. I hope i dont have to play against him- fantastic

    From martin bailey, on Thu 28 Mar 7:45
  2. yes

    From Deesh, on Sun 13 Jan 19:14
  3. I am shocked with the perfect execution of the shots­ Especially The PULL OMG! I play cricket for the club­ and I am 23 & I swear his execution is better then­ mine! TOP LAD Hope to see you in your prime... You will­ be the "Da Vinci" of cricket!

    From Diamond Gezza London, on Sat 17 Nov 3:46
  4. top lad

    From Shavawn, on Sun 14 Oct 10:26
  5. I hope I live long enough to see him at is best

    From lawson s, on Sat 13 Oct 21:36
  6. That is incredible!!

    From , on Sat 6 Oct 8:52
  7. ....and I bet he's not a bad bowler either!­ Absolutely amazing

    From CHRIS, on Sat 29 Sep 17:02
  8. Young Charlie! No way a Sachin... better than him and­ just the small point that he is actually English....­ so, small Sachin... nope! Go for it bot and will be­ keeping an eye on you lad... good luck!

    From John, on Tue 25 Sep 6:30
  9. Incredible. This kid is likely to out do Sachin. Watch­ him.

    From martin, on Mon 17 Sep 18:01
  10. kid

    From , on Fri 14 Sep 19:33
  11. this ki is awesome

    From , on Fri 14 Sep 19:32
  12. i wasn't that good until i was seven ­ fintan i o w

    From Fintan, on Fri 7 Sep 17:30
  13. Absolutely fantastic. The boy is undoubtedly a genius.­ Has Geoff Boycott caught a glimpse of him. Anyonre­ who knows anything cricket is sure to admit that the­ kid could be a world No 1. I think he ought to be left­ to his own deviices with a minimum of coaching which­ may hamper his natutral talent.

    From cecil, on Wed 5 Sep 23:36
  14. he wasn't tested by the short stuff....

    From Sanj, on Mon 3 Sep 11:25
  15. I feel sorry for the boy already once Bumble and co get­ a hold of him

    From ALEXANDER, on Wed 22 Aug 12:19
  16. with an average of only 17 against SA he can take­ Strauss's place. Watch out next time SA Sachin is­ on his way.

    From LrE, on Mon 20 Aug 17:47
  17. India­ Team:Gambir,Sewag,Dravid,Tedulkar,ALLINSON!!!,Dhoni,Pat­ han,Ashwin,Singh,Khan,Sreesat

    From TRACEY, on Sun 19 Aug 14:25
  18. coaching will kill his natural talent

    From imran a, on Wed 1 Aug 23:17
  19. such a amazing kid;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    From Nawaz, on Wed 1 Aug 8:01
  20. Such a talented kid.Amazing­ shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Nikhil Raghavan, on Thu 26 Jul 18:28
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