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  1. Another mc claren failure in one way or another,alonso­ and vettel laughing all the way to the bank!

    From doug, on Mon 24 Sep 20:40
  2. forget hamilton go after di resta

    From Sam, on Sun 23 Sep 15:42
  3. @ 4 ..F1_Faithful. . .even with the best of intentions­ an element of luck has to be included in which ever way­ we try to make sense of how F1 will eventually end up­ at the final race. Alonso of course could stay there,­ he has the luxury of a 37-point gap in front. As we­ witnessed at Spa both Alonso and Hamilton, through no­ fault of theirs, were shunted off track by other­ drivers; given their undoubted resourcefulness, both­ could have gained points there, to be sure. Hamilton­ is something of a phenomenon and has a charismatic­ personality which is talked and discussed about alot in­ the press and discussion forums like this. So winning­ this year's WDC is a matter of luck as much as­ anything else; be in a wrong place and you could be out­ of it !!

    From ock-hi, on Fri 21 Sep 12:54
  4. \zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz­ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    From ock-hi, on Fri 21 Sep 10:51
  5. Well....the order of how the top say 5, maybe 8 drivers­ in the championship standings stand at the moment in my­ mind is reflective of where they are in the world right­ now. Button and Webber maybe could do with a swap, But­ this is about ability not just there cars speed solely.­ Yes others have been great in there respective cars,­ fast on tyres at the end of a Grand Prix, but these­ drivers with less or no crashes, being able to build up­ points without being on the podium in my mind is better­ in the long run. And Alonso is king at that. This is­ why he is the best in the world. May the best driver­ win the Championship. Who ever wins the other will­ shake his hand with the most respect I­ feel.............Mclaren fan

    From F1_Faithfull, on Thu 20 Sep 17:21
  6. he needs to gain 6 points over Alonso every race

    From PAUL, on Thu 20 Sep 10:06
  7. One DNF from Alonso and Hamilton will win the 2012­ Championship

    From Nizam, on Thu 20 Sep 3:14
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