Video: Drogba hails 'great day'

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  1. Drogba you are one of great footballers of the­ world.You make Africa proud.Keep it up

    From Mwinyikombo, on Tue 22 May 9:42
  2. what of mikel' lampard and remires.

    From ISMAIL, on Tue 22 May 9:27
  3. I love what Drogba did he is a player. he can't go­ out from Chelsea i pray.

    From Innocent, on Mon 21 May 14:09
  4. There is no Drogba without Peter Cech.Both are­ outstanding and did a great job. both are the­ Chelsea.As you talk about Drogba,do not forget Peter­ Cech.I love Drogba and Cech.

    From Harcourt, on Mon 21 May 9:08
  5. Drobga off for Barcalona, the most expensive player­ beating Christiano

    From ok, on Mon 21 May 8:05
  6. All the credit to you Didier Drogba!!! The African­ Footballer of the Year is waiting!

    From Enock, on Mon 21 May 7:55
  7. i think drogba , performace was fantastic what about­ peter chec that save 2 penalties?, i think we ve'­ got two man of the match.

    From ADEBISI, on Sun 20 May 21:48
  8. Well done the Blues!Continue like that Drogba big up!

    From Pascal, on Sun 20 May 14:14
  9. aweson,god have done it for dj,so happy for u dj

    From collins, on Sun 20 May 11:30
  10. Thanks to all the managers I've had in the past who­ have improved me as player and as a person

    From Q, on Sun 20 May 11:26
  11. Drogba, you are inredible and impressive player,stay­ blessed and continue to shine throughout ya career of­ made all Africans proud of you!!!!!!!

    From Yusuf Mustapha, on Sun 20 May 11:10
  12. Drogba, You have has handed Chelsea to all the desired­ victory! the achievement is immeasurable! It is true­ you(Drogba) will remain a legend at chelsea! God bless­ you!

    From , on Sun 20 May 11:04
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