Video: Ferguson 'delighted' to have van Persie

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  1. @parasite. a bit of wishful thinking there,sounds like­ you and the other #$%$ fans are literally #$%$t.i.n.g­ yourselves and throw in kaka and we will have the title­ back where it belongs,at old trafford so make sure that­ the arabs polish our trophy to remove all their grubby­ handprints off,we will win the title without kaka

    From brendan, on Mon 20 Aug 15:01
  2. The best manager in the Premier building another­ winning team, no big deal , he has done it loads of­ times .

    From john sloop b, on Mon 20 Aug 13:00
  3. @parasite. Well chosen name. Shame you aren't as­ accurate with your comments.

    From Nick, on Mon 20 Aug 12:40
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    will kaka push utd into liquidation, another £220,000­ plus a week wages, fergie doesn't care as long as­ he wins the p/l, doesn't care what debt he leaves­ the next poor guy with, he will be known as the manager­ who took them down with debt, just like rangers.

    From parasite person watcher, on Mon 20 Aug 11:37
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