Video: Ronaldo ready for Bayern

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  1. Although, it may sound funny but its ture. Barca knows­ its not going to be an easy game for them having lost ­ to chelsea in their home but since there is an adage­ that encourages no harm in an atempt . So barca, wthat­ u know and give the victory to chelsea. 1 to barca and­ 2 to chelsea. From etie okwe

    From MICSOFT, on Tue 24 Apr 13:34
  2. the victory is for chelsea no doupt about that. barca­ will be disgraced in their home bnefore the eyes of­ their fans. messi, its better you dont play son that u­ will not be aparty to the disgrace of tomorrows­ encounter with chelsea whivh will end in the favour of­ chelsea. good and fair play. from ETEIE OKWE 1

    From MICSOFT, on Tue 24 Apr 13:21
  3. barca may jump, fight, drag, slap,push and struggle but­ tonight, they will surely fall in the tomorrows­ encounter with their onwers but the will surely succumb­ to chelsea. its no doubt that chelsea is the winner of­ tomorrows game. messi or nomessi barca will fall

    From MICSOFT, on Tue 24 Apr 13:16
  4. hi

    From Ab.Ghani, on Tue 24 Apr 11:59
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