Video: Murray targeting London gold

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  1. when you look at Britains Davis Cup Squad and you see­ donkeys like James Ward in the team-why should Murray­ carry the whole team when it has big-time losers like­ the abysmal Ward in it

    From robster, on Mon 6 Aug 9:44
  2. Whinge, whinge! Some of these men are worse than women!­ Meowwwwwwwwwww

    From Dee G, on Thu 26 Jul 16:51
  3. Who told you that Andy only wants to represent­ Scotland? First I knew of it and he's never not­ played DC because of injuries. He also hits balls with­ the DC team when he can. He lives in London and pays­ English taxes which is more than you can say of Nole­ who lives in Monte Carlo.

    From Katy, on Thu 26 Jul 15:46
  4. Whinge, whinge, whinge!! Some of the men are far worse­ than any woman!! meowwwwwwwwwwwwww

    From Dee G, on Thu 26 Jul 14:57
  5. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    @ EDWARD, spot on mate. As for Katy, Federer­ doesn't make out that he's injured when the­ Davis Cup comes up. He just doesn't want to commit­ to it. And the reason a lot of the English, and by no­ means all of them, don't like Murray is because he­ only really wants to represent Scotland, which is not a­ bad thing I might add. He only seems to want to­ represent GB when it suits him. And as tmcmurr1­ referred to, probably because of endorsement­ opportunities.

    From Chris, on Thu 26 Jul 9:10
  6. Just a comment on Gridnods' posting. I personally­ do not really follow sport, but I know the England­ football team is currently ranked 4th in the world, the­ rugby team also 4th in the world and the England test­ cricket team are ranked the best in the world. Ok, got­ to get back to the pizza.

    From yonga, on Thu 26 Jul 2:38
  7. I'm proud to be Scottish. I'm proud to be­ British but after reading the English comments here­ thank God I'm not one of them. Andy is the only­ player representing team GB who has a chance of winning­ a medal. There is no other country in the world who­ treats their representatives in such a disgusting,­ unpatriotic manner.I think you need your heads examined­ even had up for treason! As for playing in Davis Cup,­ how often does Federer play? Not that I'm blaming­ him either. If you don't like Andy, SHUT UP.Nobody­ wants to know what

    From Katy, on Wed 25 Jul 22:49
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    Probably thinks there will be lots of his favorite­ dish EASY MEAT

    From Mon, on Wed 25 Jul 17:49
  9. I love that you English slag off the Scot Andy Murray,­ who is ranked fourth in the world, which is better than­ any of your footballers, cricketers or rugby players,­ and there is not one of you in the last seventy years­ who has been able to play tennis. Get back to your­ couches, your pizzas and your playstations.

    From Gridnod, on Wed 25 Jul 17:37
  10. Good luck Andy, behind you all the way!!

    From Dee G, on Wed 25 Jul 16:48
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    Anyone but murray then we can watch him blub again. If­ there's a medal for blubbing he's won it...

    From Chris, on Wed 25 Jul 16:38
  12. Professional tennis players taking part in the Olympics­ is what is pathetic.

    From EDWARD, on Wed 25 Jul 16:15
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    This guy is such a bore , if I have to see that ugly­ immature winging face again I will book a trip abroad.­ He needs to watch a real man and a winner Wiggins it­ will not make any difference as he is to old .

    From Nemo, on Wed 25 Jul 15:52
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    Davis Cup, which is not the highest profile tournament,­ he's too sore to play and his mummy says so. ­ Olympics, high profile and lot's of sponsorship­ opportunities, oh well, that's different. Face it,­ despite what the likes of susan p and the rest of the­ Murray-morons claim, he isn't one of the best and­ will prove it when he doesn't win a medal,­ ne'er mind gold, even with all the true greats not­ competing. That's the complete truth, but thumbs­ down from all the pathetics are anticipated and­ expected.

    From tmcmurr1, on Wed 25 Jul 15:39
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    About as much chance of this as Scotland ever­ qualifying for a major football tournament hahahah!!!! ­ Used to be a 2 club league and now only a 1 club league­ - oh dear....

    From Adam, on Wed 25 Jul 15:39
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    He will get a silver :P

    From james b, on Wed 25 Jul 15:26
  17. Does that mean that Federer, Nadal and Jokervitch are­ not playing?

    From Stan Duppe, on Wed 25 Jul 15:04
  18. Oh, so because it's for the olympic games he's­ fit to play! But when it comes round to playing in the­ Davis Cup for GB he's conveniently always injured!

    From Chris, on Wed 25 Jul 14:41
  19. Very funny and very sad that many English, as usual,­ can't get behind their team What a pathetc nation­ of losers you are!

    From Brucie, on Wed 25 Jul 14:17
  20. go andy you can do it ,ur the best, were all supporting­ you and wish you all the luck in the world , .keep­ positive and you,ll get gold #$%$ #$%$

    From susan p, on Wed 25 Jul 13:59
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