Video: Athlete thrown out over racist tweet

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  1. Oh spare me the Judgements on Greece.Greece was setup­ for destruction and the rest of europe are a head nod­ away from the same fate.You hypocrites. Racist my­ back side.

    From Nikolas, on Fri 27 Jul 12:50
  2. When these Greeks will learn! They seem they can't­ get any lesson from their failures. What happened to­ the Olypic spirit? Peace, games being ONE. What­ happened to the sportsman/women ship. When i said­ sportsman ship. Maybe Olympic comitte musn't let­ this peroxide poisoned woman to take part in­ Olympics!!!!

    From Sevil, on Fri 27 Jul 12:20
  3. Yeah Tony.. what's with those­ 'anti-racists' - are they against racism or­ something?? Thats a bit cuckoo isn't it..­ ANTI-racism... I ask you.. tstch.. We should get­ together and form a opposition group.. like the­ Anti-Anti-Racists.. that'll teach 'em. Hmmm the­ moniker is a little long. Can you think of anything­ shorter .. more pithy.. anyone?? Just one word would­ do..

    From Someone Else, on Thu 26 Jul 15:30
  4. If you read her comment, then you can only be left with­ the feeling that the anti racists , who are as extreme­ and as intolerant as actual racists, have once again­ shouted louder than the rest. Why is impossible to­ have a sensible discussion on race and also immigration­ without being called a racist? Silly girl should know­ that anti racists are ALWAYS looking to put down­ anybody who does not agree with them.

    From TONY W, on Thu 26 Jul 14:08
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