Video: Joey Barton's 'Allo 'Allo moment

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  1. For a truly great French accent watch the video of ­ "French Guy in Japan after the Tsunami ". ­ Priceless .

    From J, on Tue 27 Nov 14:46
  2. I was trying to work out how much Barton damaged QPR­ when he was there . Maybe he put a curse on them .

    From J, on Tue 27 Nov 14:43
  3. You ow yuu sehhh. eedee hutt. more inspector­ clueless than cluseau .this loon gets better with age .­ somebody give eeem a bumm sew eeh can blue eem self­ hupp. haw haw haww

    From Anthony, on Tue 27 Nov 11:20
  4. Many French journalists have commented that he was much­ easier to understand than if he had used his normal­ scouse accent. Albert F is right.

    From Shao Long, on Tue 27 Nov 10:50
  5. Complete joke just hope he stays there the premier­ league a better - safer place without him !!!

    From COLIN, on Tue 27 Nov 10:19
  6. Barton, tu n'êtes pas sexy du tout en parlant avec­ un accent français.

    From Roxana, on Tue 27 Nov 10:19
  7. grow up Barton and come into the real world.

    From RON, on Tue 27 Nov 10:06
  8. Just shows joey thick as a pig in #$%$­ lolololololololol what a nob

    From dannym, on Tue 27 Nov 9:30
  9. who cares.......he has left UK......let him be out of­ sight out of mind

    From John, on Tue 27 Nov 9:27
  10. All those slating us for slating Joey, get real,­ it's nothing to do with his salary or whether we­ know him or not. On the surface we can all laugh at the­ fact that an englishman abroad is talking english in a­ French accent! That is very funny....not sure what he­ is doing. Also, isn't there alot of difference­ losing 5-0 compared to 1-0 ie the effect on the­ team's goal difference? This Joey barton chap is­ representing us all abroad and is an idiot!

    From Ben, on Tue 27 Nov 9:18
  11. what a complete mug he is. Can he degrade himself­ anymore ????????????????

    From Will, on Tue 27 Nov 8:49
  12. Albert F, are you joking? It's got nothing to do­ with respect for the french. It's also got nothing­ to do with being understood. It's all about Joey,­ as always. If he wanted to be understood by speaking­ slowly, he could have just done that, he didn't­ need to do it in a French accent. Capello couldn't­ speak a word of English when he came over, but he­ didn't expect the English press to learn Italian,­ he learned English and gave his conferences in English­ WITH AN ITALIAN ACCENT, NOT A COCKNEY ONE.....That was­ respect. Barton just likes attention. He also thinks it­ probably makes him sound intelligent and sophisticated,­ again all about Joey

    From Dean, on Tue 27 Nov 8:04
  13. He isn't speaking French and he isn't speaking­ English with a French accent either. He is speaking­ slowly and clearly enough for French journalists and­ viewers to understand him. He has not been isolated in­ little England. He knows that normal speed, street­ English is almost unintelligible to most­ "foreigners". He is speaking a variety of­ English frequently known as International English. It­ shows respect for non-English speakers who spend­ considerable amounts of time and money to learn our­ language. I don't like him either, but please,­ he deserves credit for knowing how to speak his own­ language so that "foreigners" can understand­ him rather than spewing out street Englsih and­ arrogantly expecting everyone to understand and­ thinking that they are stupid if they don't.

    From Albert F, on Tue 27 Nov 7:45
  14. Lol - so funny! Him and Mclaren should swap ideas how­ to speak..... so so funny! What if the French for­ buttmuncher? lol - total idiot ....

    From John, on Tue 27 Nov 6:28
  15. utter #$%$ simple

    From mike, on Tue 27 Nov 6:06
  16. utter #$%$ simple

    From mike, on Tue 27 Nov 6:06
  17. What is it about Joey all d time. He is trying to­ perfect his french and d best way to do it is to try­ and speak it always, any way, any how, without fear or­ shame. I don't see anything there.

    From Djeniko, on Tue 27 Nov 5:36
  18. Listen carphully I vill only say this once, Joey did­ not learn his French from 'Allo Allo' it was­ from Del Boy in 'Only Fools & Horses ordering­ cocktails in 'The Nags Head', bonjour Rodney.

    From Mustapha Million, on Tue 27 Nov 3:13
  19. sadly a very talented player that can not control­ himself...............

    From keith in France, on Tue 27 Nov 1:40
  20. He certainly flys with a wing down, what a stupid young­ man.

    From Sam, on Tue 27 Nov 1:29
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