Video: Cavendish proud of team despite medal miss

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  1. My my my, all these thumbs down clearly indicate people­ need to get out more.

    From Ash, on Thu 2 Aug 17:57
  2. "Cavendish proud of team despite medal miss"­ I dont see why, they didnt achieve anything !!?!!?!!?

    From Bostock, on Mon 30 Jul 19:48
  3. it s clear by most of the comments on here ­ that you lot havent got a clue about cycle racing­ the sort of people who write into points of veiw­ GET A LIFE

    From Paul Howell, on Mon 30 Jul 17:09
  4. After geting beat up in the Tour-de France I supprised­ anyone expected this much of him, he won a few stages­ and was outside the top 5, which is weak leading up to­ a Olympic games. He's not the best, Sprinting is­ only one part of it, he has chances to redeem his own­ performances.

    From Andrew Barlow, on Mon 30 Jul 16:54
  5. How pathetc! They didn't win because the other­ teams didn't support us!! Sounds like a 1 year old­ child blaming their parents because they can't­ walk. Bunch of looser! So what if it's the­ 'norm' to support others, IT'S A RACE! Get­ support from your team mates yes, but if you can't­ win without support from the rest of the world then you­ are pretty useless. Maybe you can have all the football­ teams 'support' the GB team so they can win­ gold. Glad the over hyped under acheivers lost and CAV­ will never win an Olympic medal - yipee

    From Mac, on Mon 30 Jul 16:32
  6. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    Cavendish making a fool of himself was the highlights­ of the Olympics so far for me. I despise him...such a­ horrible person. I still remember him completely­ ignoring his wife and baby daughter when they went up­ to him after a stage tour just because he was in a bad­ mood at the outcome and in the midst of a sulking fit.­ What an odious man-child and emotionally unstable­ character to boot. ABC. Anyone But Cavendish.

    From Kara, on Mon 30 Jul 14:27
  7. The mens race and the girls race were very similar in­ the way they unfolded. Seems like the GB girls are­ smarter than the men.

    From Rory, on Mon 30 Jul 13:53
  8. If we were not so arrogant and concentrated on trying­ to win the race rather than expecting all the other­ nations to role over and let us take the gold we might­ have won. The fact other nations were dragged into it­ and blamed for the teams failure was amazing, "ye­ the other teams should have been more support" ­ good god its a competition.............. Glad GB Women ­ were there to show the men how to ride.

    From mitchell, on Mon 30 Jul 13:27
  9. Has Cav got attitude?

    From , on Mon 30 Jul 12:36
  10. The other riders from every country should have all­ helped carry Cav along and then just stopped peddling­ before the line and let him win. Is that what he was­ expecting?

    From David, on Mon 30 Jul 12:06
  11. look at stuart o gradys comments and then think about­ what cav is saying! GB were never gonna get any help­ and the others were happy to nullify them at the risk­ of not getting anything themselves...its a compliment­ really,though its a shame too!

    From tony m, on Mon 30 Jul 11:23
  12. mistakes is always a mistake. we learn from it so we­ can move on. cav you know who you are and what you can­ do - you already proved it for so many times and always­ with the british flag. i hope people be more­ supportive especially at this time.

    From Maria Malay, on Mon 30 Jul 11:02
  13. Cav is a truely awesome sportman. I am sick to death of­ the media coverage of this... it borders on bullying.­ The BBC has a very negative approach to our athletes­ in my view... it hypes them up, and at the same time­ suggests they may fail... then it lays in to them if­ they don't deliver. STOP IT .

    From Stephanie, on Mon 30 Jul 10:55
  14. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    They may be fit but so thick to a man including the­ coaching staff. They were out thought simples

    From boriscarload, on Mon 30 Jul 10:46
  15. Let me explain. 1. Cav could only win the race if there­ was a bunch sprint at the end. You don't expect­ Usain Bolt to win the marathon. 2. It is much harder to­ ride at the front of the group than further back. 3.­ Nobody was prepared to share the work at the front of­ the peleton chasing the early breakaways, so the 4­ members of team GB had to do it. 4. When a bigger split­ of fresher riders formed on lap nine there were plenty­ of people in it who rotated the lead. 5. In contrast,­ back in the peleton nobody helped team GB chase down­ the escapees, so team GB (now very tired) once again­ had to try and do it alone. They failed despite a­ phenomenal effort. The fact that a cyclist known for­ climbing came second on a course without challenging­ climbs gives some idea of the unusual tactical way that­ the race panned out. My only criticism of team GB is­ that when plan A started falling apart there was no­ plan B.

    From David, on Mon 30 Jul 10:33
  16. Stop making excuses for Cavendish! They all failed to­ take into account that the other teams could climb up­ Box Hill! They thought they would all crumble and they­ didn't! I think the whole race was a shambles the­ BBC was awful didn't even know the names of the­ places they were going through! I now the area very­ very well I grew up there and had a laugh every time­ they mentioned a hill it was Box Hill! Even 10 miles­ out! Cavendish was very rude to a reporter after the­ race which only made thihngs worse knowing he was sport­ personallity of the year. So Cavendish get over­ yourself and stop blaming other things for your failure­ to take action down the Headley Road when they all sped­ past you! You have a job to catch a car if it overtakes­ you there let alone catch a bike!

    From Vivien, on Mon 30 Jul 10:00
  17. Bit silly for cavendish to say other teams didn't­ want us to win it's a race

    From Shafted from every angle, on Mon 30 Jul 9:26
  18. At the end of the day he lost, all the hype and­ expectations and he blew it - fact. Maybe it would be­ better not to make wild predictions and to keep a low­ profile until you have something to shout about

    From Truth, on Mon 30 Jul 8:31
  19. It was obviously disappointing that our lads did not­ win the gold on Saturday, but if you study how the race­ went we did all we could. Our lads are hero's to a­ man, and we should all applaud what they have done this­ year. The only negative for me was that after my­ wife and I travelled to London to watch the race­ outside Buckingham Palace we had to depend on friends­ texts to inform us how the race was panning out because­ there was no screen to actually watch the race. It did­ mean the atmosphere was lacking although the Manx­ spectators tried to keep our peckers up. Fingers­ crossed now that Bradley is not burnt out for the time­ trial Pete Cambridge

    From PETER, on Mon 30 Jul 7:48
  20. Comment hidden due to its low rating. Show

    maybe cav and wiggo took the wrong drugs look at the­ tour mmm

    From GEORGE, on Mon 30 Jul 6:36
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