Video: What would the London Grand Prix look like?

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  1. Woud be fantastic but logistially a nightmare e set up­ street closue security etc if it does go ahead dont­ let G4 any way near it

    From mick, on Thu 19 Jul 12:00
  2. would be great to run a London f1 but this track to me­ looks dangerous. but nice concept.

    From Robert, on Mon 16 Jul 8:21
  3. It maybe a dream, but boy what a dream... if only!!! ­ Would be so awesome!!! I for one would love it...

    From Jonboy, on Fri 13 Jul 17:47
  4. Looks awesome, but one lane through Admiralty Arch? ­ You have got to be kidding. And who is going to close­ the heart of London for weeks to stage it?

    From brian steele, on Thu 5 Jul 16:45
  5. Brilliant,why not.Obviously the negative comments above­ have been posted by people who do not like F1.Shame on­ you.After all,It's something we're good at!

    From , on Thu 5 Jul 13:03
  6. London looks like one big death trap.

    From espspa2063, on Wed 4 Jul 16:51
  7. What a load of rubbish. another publicity stunt. It­ will never happen.

    From BOBBY, on Wed 4 Jul 13:54

    From handsome k, on Mon 2 Jul 23:07
  9. Obviously more than just an ideas, as someone has gone­ to the trouble of making a video. This idea has been­ floated before, and it didn't happen. It would be­ an interesting event, but we have enough street courses­ already. Spare a thought for the people of London. Do­ you fancy having all these roads closed for a week or­ so? I think Bernie may have pushed this because he­ fancies a "Sir" before his name.

    From Ian, on Sun 1 Jul 18:27
  10. If it can be arranged it would be awesome. go for it­ fi

    From TonyTo, on Fri 29 Jun 21:27
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