Video: Ibrahimovic's magical PSG debut goal

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  1. lovely turn and gd finish .go ibram

    From Mann, on Thu 9 Aug 12:33
  2. We know Ibra capability never doubted but sometime as­ human being he had moody that way "Salute" to­ know you Ibra.

    From Rudi, on Mon 30 Jul 3:20
  3. he always has had the ability but sometimes lacks­ comitment when things dont go well for him.

    From John Dawson, on Sun 29 Jul 20:00
  4. legnedary player

    From Toni, on Sun 29 Jul 17:12
  5. Brill. That's wut um lookin fur, that's wut um­ needin!!

    From Ben, on Sun 29 Jul 14:09
  6. So 'STEVEN' 32 games and 28 goals last season­ for Milan for Milan and he's a bad man in it for­ the money? 490 games and 234 career goals is pretty­ good I think.

    From Shaun, on Sun 29 Jul 13:55
  7. seen better

    From Cal, on Sun 29 Jul 13:23
  8. that will be it now, if he is true to form he will­ score odd goal, end up on the bench, fall out with­ coach and be off again next season to chelsea or man­ city, you would think all these guys who back the­ clubs with zillions, wouldnt throw good money after­ bad!!! yes he is fantastic, yes he scores wonder goals­ BUT he is in it for the dosh!! thats all.....

    From STEVEN, on Sun 29 Jul 13:20
  9. absolute quality finish, lovely footwork and lovely­ finish- so pleased for him. Hope he keeps up the same­ good work for PSG next season.

    From Ben, on Sun 29 Jul 12:56
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