Video: Spectacular British Supersport crash

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  1. Nearly as good as Barrie Sheen, but he managed to get­ back on.

    From Neil, on Fri 12 Oct 17:27
  2. 10 outa 10 for effort people have recoverd from worse­ but a crackin bit of riding none the less

    From Elgin Sparowhawk, on Wed 3 Oct 13:46
  3. Pure skill

    From IdentFraud, on Wed 3 Oct 11:45
  4. He tried so hard to get back on the bike and at the­ same time making sure he wouldn't hit anyone - now­ that is a true gentleman and a brilliant rider. I­ watched it happen in real time and it was a heart in­ the mouth moment!

    From Vivienne, on Wed 3 Oct 11:43
  5. one crazy mutha !

    From Phil, on Wed 3 Oct 11:41
  6. These guys are real men and not like the footballers­ who roll about when they get a tackle as if they were­ shot!R

    From RONNIE, on Wed 3 Oct 11:32
  7. great bit of bikeing and sking

    From alan, on Wed 3 Oct 9:07
  8. AWSOME !!!!

    From J4ck of 4ll Tr4des, on Wed 3 Oct 9:03
  9. The guy's got sole (sic) !! lol.

    From Yeah_Right, on Wed 3 Oct 8:45
  10. stunning, ur the man

    From Davy-C, on Wed 3 Oct 8:12
  11. haydens somersault was better

    From PAUL, on Wed 3 Oct 0:22
  12. why do we have to watch the add before viewing the­ video there should be a skip option there because­ everytime you go to view the video you got to watch the­ poxy add

    From Irish, on Wed 3 Oct 0:04
  13. I think my feet and boots have melted together,later i­ will be mainly screaming in agony.

    From P, on Tue 2 Oct 21:45
  14. lol

    From PAUL, on Tue 2 Oct 21:21
  15. bike sking will take off one day

    From cityheat gas safe 223077, on Tue 2 Oct 19:55
  16. A True Motorcyclist even though it was on a track ­ Brill !

    From Reginald, on Tue 2 Oct 19:32
  17. So what was spectacular about that an non event.

    From david o, on Tue 2 Oct 19:31
  18. Randy Mamola had a similar incident many years ago, be­ he saved it and WHAT A SAVE it was. To see what I mean,­ just look on a popular video sharing website and look­ for, 'Randy Mamola crash save',. or­ something,.. :) Pretty impressive, especially when you­ consider he supposedly finished 3rd in that race. :P

    From Chris, on Tue 2 Oct 17:22
  19. i had something like that on my tricycle

    From San, on Sun 30 Sep 21:46
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